Tanker at the Top: Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions Expands Isuzu Fleet

Well known and respected throughout greater Adelaide, the team from Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions are kept busy night and day solving waste related issues for their commercial clientele. ​ 

The waste industry is one that never sleeps, and there’s no telling when a waste or sewerage issue will occur at the most frustrating of times. ​ 

From left to right: Co-Directors Ben Harris and Suzanne Magro, and ​ ​
Operations Manager Armando Torres
From left to right: Co-Directors Ben Harris and Suzanne Magro, and ​ ​
Operations Manager Armando Torres

Experienced owners Ben Harris and Suzanne Magro know just how tricky the waste industry can be and with this in mind have rotational teams working around the clock. When an issue does arise, regardless of the hour, their team are on standby and ready to respond immediately. ​ 

This next level of reliability and steadfast commitment to get a dirty job done well has built a solid reputation in and around the greater Adelaide area. This has meant that the business has been able to gradually expand since opening its doors back in 2020. 


“With our busy schedule we now have one dedicated driver for each truck, and an extra driver which covers holidays and personal leave or if two drivers are needed on a job,” said Co-Director of Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions, Suzanne Magro. 

"Having the right number of staff is so important as night shift jobs can't get neglected, so we like to have that coverage. ​ 

“We don't want to say ‘no’ to our customers when they need us.” 

The Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions' twin-steer FYH 300-350
The Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions' twin-steer FYH 300-350

Such is the specialised nature of the trucks and their application that when Ben and Suzanne acquire a new unit, it can take months before the right balance is found and the vehicle has a regular and steady routine. ​ 

However, there was so much anticipation in the lead up to the collection of the fleets’ star vacuum truck, the new Isuzu twin-steer FYH 300-350, which has found itself on the job every day since collection. 

“The new FYH has the capacity for a 16,000-litre tank, which at this stage makes it the truck with the biggest tank in our fleet for collecting liquid waste anywhere in Adelaide,” said Suzanne. 

“The reason we went for that size truck is we do a lot of bulk sewer vacuum tanking from sites such as building developments that haven't yet connected to the sewer mains.” 

With some of Ben and Suzanne’s clients relying on Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions seven days a week, the fleet must be reliable and robust, with drivers standing by for emergency callouts. 

“We are very fortunate that we have the new FYH now because we would have been struggling without it as we have a very busy period ahead. ​ 

“That's why we went for that size platform, so we have a larger capacity tank,” said Ben. ​ 

“It's a funny industry and a bit erratic, but you just have to roll with it!” 


With a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 30,000 kilograms and Gross Combined Mass (GCM) of 45,000 kilograms, Isuzu’s FYH 300-350 cab chassis was perfectly suited for their largest vacuum tank build to date. 

The FYH 300-350 is powered by Isuzu’s 6UZ1-TCC power plant, with 257 kilowatts (350 PS) @ 2,000 rpm and 1,422 Nm of torque @ 1,400 rpm, providing plenty of pluck when under full load. ​ 

The FYH twin steer configuration helps with load distribution over the axles, increasing productivity and overall efficiency under load, not to mention improved control navigating tight and often unsealed worksites. ​ 

Under the skin is the hugely popular six-speed Allison 4430 automatic transmission with power take off mode (PTO) and sixth generation electronic controls, making life on Adelaide’s busy highways and byways a little easier for Suzanne’s team of drivers. ​ ​ 


Speaking of their service and maintenance approach, Co-Owner Ben Harris confirmed that the efficiency and reliability of the fleet was a critical ingredient to business success. ​ 

“We get the trucks serviced regularly, so they're always very well maintained and presented,” Ben said. 

The Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions Isuzu fleet
The Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions Isuzu fleet

North East Isuzu are only 20 minutes away, so if we need something, we can just go down and grab it. The staff are really good at what they do, and the sales team have been amazing and have made the process seamless,” Ben continued. 

“Our focus on regular servicing means our fleet have very little downtime and can be on the road to support our customers. North East Isuzu will even do servicing on a Friday night, and I'll be there to pick it up on the Saturday for another day on the road. 

“Whoever I speak to, from the top to the bottom—the support and customer service is always fantastic.” 


When asked what made Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions stand apart from others in the local industry, it was the presentation of the fleet that Ben identified as a key focus. ​ ​ 

“Blade Engineering does our body building, and we worked with Synergy Signs here in Adelaide to design our truck wraps,” he said. 

“The colour and the branding of our trucks are intentionally eye-catching; people are always commenting on how they see our trucks everywhere. Rocco Leonello at North East Paint and Panel paints all our Isuzu trucks, and the finish product is exceptional,” said Suzanne. 

“They look great, and the staff always keep them clean. I think that's been a major part of why we have picked up more business, due to the branding and overall presentation. ​ ​ 

“We have seven full time drivers, and the staff really take pride in their Isuzu trucks. They all wash their trucks on a Friday afternoon,” she continued. ​ 

“We’ll combine that with a barbecue and have a meal together. It's important to us to have the team get along well,” said Suzanne. 

“We might be pumping waste, but we all enjoy what we do here. Our staff love their Isuzu trucks, and the Isuzu reliability matches the reliability we offer our customers. ​ 

“That’s why we’ve stuck with Isuzu,” Ben concluded. 

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