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Smooth Moves with Office Relocation Solutions

Smooth Moves with Office Relocation Solutions

For most, moving is a stress-filled exercise, especially when you’re relocating expensive, sensitive equipment. But for Office Relocation Solutions in Perth, moving your critical business equipment is their bread and butter.

From the sheer scale of multinational corporations to libraries and pathology labs, managing director Andrew Tait and his crew have the gear to get just about anything from point A to point B safely and intact.

Over the journey, Andrew has invested in top-notch, specialised equipment which allows Office Relocation Services to pack-up and transport medical grade equipment as easily as they can move bulk pallets of warehouse stock.

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“Every piece of equipment we implement is designed to reduce the risks of manual handling,” Andrew noted.

“Our computer moving trolleys are state of the art and we’ve designed our own custom covers for computers units to protect them whilst in transit.

“We use specialised plastic crates and trolleys for moving sensitive files and overall, the aim is to make it easier, quicker and safer for the equipment and everyone involved.”

It’s a daily race against the clock for Andrew’s crew, and assisting the business to meet its tightly managed efficiency goals from a transport perspective, is a seven-strong Isuzu truck fleet.

To date, Andrew is the satisfied owner of one medium-duty FRR 600 (FRR 110-240), and another six, light-duty N Series trucks spanning the NPR and NNR range. His most recent purchase, a brand new NNR 45-150 from WA’s Major Motors Isuzu is also helping to ramp-up productivity.

Each of Andrew’s truck bodies has been modified into a lean, mean, moving machine.

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“All our trucks have a full-size hydraulic tail lift, and inside the body, we have them fitted with a low track retaining system with spring-loaded bars and ratchet straps, to hold everything in place during transit,” Andrew explained.

“We also specified air suspension for relocation of fragile and sensitive items.

“We’re usually operating in buildings in the CBD, with restricted height access, which is why I’ve gone with smaller trucks generally, so we can easily access those sites.”

At 2.7 metres tall and with an excellent turning circle, the new NNR 45-150 certainly fits the bill on this front.

The NNR has a GVM of 4,500 kg (allowing for standard license driving), and features Isuzu’s tried and tested 4JJ1-TCS engine. With 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm of power and torque of 375 Nm @ 2,800 rpm, the NNR 45-150 has the capacity to match Andrew’s requirements—while still meeting those all-important height restrictions.

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Before founding Office Relocation Solutions in 2010, Andrew worked with Kent Moving and Storage for seven years, so he’s driven his fair share of trucks.

“I’d worked with Isuzu before and enjoyed driving them, so it was a natural choice for me to stick with a brand I knew was reliable.

“We recently relocated the Perth Children’s Hospital and even a Virgin Australia terminal,” he said, divulging some of the company’s more memorable projects.

“We go to every move site well ahead of time to catalogue all moveable items before coming up with a move sequence plan. We have to make sure the client is ready to walk into their new site the next day with everything 100 per cent ready to go.”

Andrew has hired specialist managers, project managers, and relocation managers to ensure every move is planned down to the smallest detail.

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

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“A couple of years ago, we moved an automotive warehouse in Perth,” Andrew recalled.

“We packed over 30,000 different line items, in sequential order, and moved it all to the new warehouse, unpacking every item so they could operate on the following day without losing a single part.

“There is no room for error, which is why we need to plan ahead, meticulously, or we’ll let our clients down.”

Needless to say, the equipment that supports this intricate process also needs to live up to these same lofty expectations.

“Avoiding downtime is a crucial factor in commercial relocation, we simply cannot afford it,” Andrew noted.

“The more complex moves require us to work to a very specific schedule, during specific times of the day.

“Using the Virgin Australia terminal project as an example. We couldn’t move anything until after the last plane landed at 7pm. As soon as all the passengers were off and through the old terminal facility, we went in and moved everything overnight.

“The new terminal had to be in place by 5am the next morning, ready for the first flight out of the new airport. Just imagine having a breakdown in that schedule.”

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These demanding schedules and tight deadlines are the very reason Andrew continues his decade-long relationship with transport partners Isuzu Trucks.

“Isuzu are just a great all-round truck. They’re easy to drive, and maintenance is straightforward and simple.

“To be honest, we’ve had very few issues with our Isuzu trucks.

“My first NPR 200, which I purchased in 2010 is still running as smoothly as ever.”

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