Reliability Both Ways With Isuzu & DB Built

Reliability Both Ways With Isuzu & DB Built

It’s no secret builders and carpenters are in high demand Australia-wide. Whether it’s a dream home, renovating a ‘fixer-upper,’ revamping a cocktail bar or refurbishing a workplace, tired facades always need a facelift and people are finding ways to improve what they have rather than buying new. 

This keeps people like David Bousleiman, Managing Director of DB Built Constructions, in business and travelling all over Sydney as well as up and down the coast. 

“I was progressing in my career, and I thought that it was time to take the leap and branch-out on my own after years of developing myself working for others,” David said. 

David Bousleiman, Managing Director of DB Built Constructions
David Bousleiman, Managing Director of DB Built Constructions

With close to a decade of industry experience under his tool belt, David chose to strike out on his own in 2020, creating DB Built Constructions.  

“I am the kind of person who is independent and prepared to do the hard work. My business attracts a mixed variety of clientele, so it takes me all over Sydney working with anyone from high-end builds to the average replacements.” 

“I am a licensed carpenter but I'm actually progressing to get my builders license too.”  

Ringing Up the Work

Despite the typical supply chain shortages many industries are experiencing, plus the impacts of flooding in New South Wales, David has achieved success through a number of beautifully finished restaurant and bar fitouts along with a string of residential renovations.  

Word of mouth keeps clients calling time and again, and since purchasing an NPR 45-155 Tradepack from Gilbert and Roach Huntingwood, David is very well equipped to tackle an even broader range of work.  

“The Tradepack is fantastic because it carries all my tools that are needed and there is room for enough supplies for multiple jobs. It’s efficient and reliable,” he said. 

“My NPR is actually a billboard on wheels.  

“I get multiple calls daily from people just saying how fantastic it looks and asking what kind of truck I have. I chose the NPR 45-155 Tradepack because it looks great, it’s dependable and it’s simple but stylish. 

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With a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 4,500 kilograms (optional 5,500 kilograms) and gross combined mass (GCM) of 9,000 kilograms (optional 11,000 kilograms), David has no worries tasking the NPR with multiple jobs per day including factory capability of a full 4,500 kilograms of towing capacity.  

The NPR 45-155 comes with Isuzu’s renowned 4HK1-TCN fuel injected diesel engine - purpose built to handle the intensities of inner city driving.  

David’s 2022 NPR has 114 kW of power @ 2,600 rpm, and 419 Nm of Torque @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm meaning there’s plenty of punch to ensure the unit can handle whatever task David throws at it. 

“Sometimes we’re loading up two or three jobs for the day. Sometimes we have a night shift booking, so we need to be able to carry a lot to get the job done.” 

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Only the Best

Efficiency isn't the only factor David had in mind for selecting a truck. Comfort and visibility played a major role as well.  

All the features included in the N Series range ticked the boxes when it came to the research he did. With his business in a growth phase, David’s reliance on his ute as his only transport option quickly became troublesome and an upgrade to a light truck the likely solution.  

“An Isuzu was always going to be the truck for me. After looking into it, I didn’t want to settle for anything less.”  

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David approached Gilbert and Roach Huntingwood after beginning the research for his dream Isuzu. With a smooth and supportive process start to finish, the G&R team had David in the driver's seat in the blink of an eye. 

“Gilbert and Roach got everything done on time. They're on the ball. They're probably the best dealership I've dealt with so far, in terms of any vehicle I've owned. 

“I bought a 2022 model and have been really impressed with the ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assistance System). It's such a great upgrade to the safety tech of light-duty trucks. For mine, ADAS is probably one of the best features Isuzu have added to their trucks over the years.” 

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With Advanced Emergency Braking system (AEB) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) as just a few of the included features, David can worry less about the hazards on the road with the peace of mind that Isuzu’s ADAS suite has all bases covered. This is perfect for the urban streets of Sydney and makes getting to and from the job site safer for everyone involved. 

Grin & Win 

Late last year, David entered the Isuzu 50th Anniversary Billboard Competition for a lark one lunch break with his work team. The competition offered a chance for Isuzu truck owners from around Australia to showcase their businesses on giant billboards in their home state.  

“The billboard competition actually just popped up on my phone when I was scrolling on a break and I thought I'd give it a try,” David said. 

“It was really easy to upload a photo and I did it for a bit of a joke amongst me and my co-workers but then I ended up winning the New South Wales section of the competition!” 

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David couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. His reliable NPR, which had been his business’s mobile billboard for so long was now the star of its own giant billboard in Sydney.  

“Isuzu is a company that’s known to be reliable, honest and has that industry staying power. It’s why I always wanted my first truck to be an Isuzu and when I am ready to expand for the business, I know Isuzu is who I am coming back to.” 

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