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Playing It Safe: Isuzu Backs their Safest Truck Ever with their Most Comprehensive Warranty & Service Guarantee

Playing It Safe: Isuzu Backs their Safest Truck Ever with their Most Comprehensive Warranty & Service Guarantee

Whether you’re running a small business in trade or you’re a large fleet operator, the stakes are always too high to gamble on the safety of your drivers and your equipment.

Purchasing a vehicle that increases the protection of staff and ultimately, other road users, with the latest in safety technology is a major piece of the puzzle—which is why Isuzu Trucks has introduced Isuzu Intelligent Safety and an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in new N Series 4x2 trucks.

To complete the picture, Isuzu Trucks is also offering a dominant factory warranty of 6-years (or 250,000 kilometres) and 6-years of 24-hour roadside assist on N Series 4x2 models.

First class warranty

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With Isuzu’s safest light-duty truck ever, Australian businesses can rest easy knowing they’re covered with an intelligent system keeping drivers secure on the road. But safety compliance, including Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations, do not stop at the end of a driver’s shift.

Providing extra peace of mind and the assurance of long-term aftercare support, N Series 4x2 cab chassis trucks come backed by a market-leading factory warranty of 6-years (or 250,000 kilometres) and 6-years of Isuzu’s 24-hour roadside assist.

“Aside from the obvious benefits to Isuzu truck owners, our new, market-leading 6-year warranty is an indication of the unwavering confidence we have in our products,” said Isuzu Australia Limited National Service Manager, Brett Stewart.

“And our loyal customers shouldn’t expect anything less from Australia’s truck market leader, as we enter the next generation of safety with our new N Series range.”

For those preferring the convenience of Isuzu’s pre-built Ready-to-Work Tipper, Traypack, Tradepack, Servicepack and Vanpack options, all 4x2 models in the range also come covered with a 6-year factory warranty, 6-years roadside assist and a comprehensive 3-year warranty on pre-built bodies.

Extended value

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For any operator, ensuring critical parts and componentry are covered by an extensive warranty means reduced potential downtime and associated costs, and more time focusing on the important tasks at hand.

Whether construction, plumbing, landscaping or freight distribution is on the cards, Mr Stewart said Isuzu had a firm eye on providing Isuzu customers with long-term aftercare support.

“It’s a tough climate for anyone out there, but our commitment remains the same as it always has been—providing our customers with the fit-for-purpose trucks they need, backed by quality parts and a market-leading warranty and service offering,” he commented.

“We’re listening closely to industry calls for OEM support for businesses facing the ongoing pressures of the global pandemic, and we know safety compliance and operating costs at the top of the list of concerns.

“We want to assure customers that no matter how big or small the fleet, our staff and technicians are invested in making sure you get the best product and the best support for your business.”

Guaranteed support

Australian businesses have a lot on their plate when it comes to compliance; from CoR requirements to workplace OH&S, and making sure everyone comes home at the end of the day,

However, recent research shows that one in three small fleets (1-5 trucks) are unprepared or unaware of their CoR obligations, particularly when transport does not constitute the core business, such as trades.

With the regulatory burden only likely to increase for those in road transport, Mr Stewart encouraged truck owners to lighten the load wherever possible.

“We know that some small and medium-sized businesses even with the best of intentions struggle to keep up with an appropriate maintenance schedule due to a number of factors, whether it’s time constraints or awareness of the rules,” said Mr Stewart.

“There are more than cost savings to be had in letting an Isuzu dealership take care of your fleet maintenance.”

Options for everyone

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Isuzu Trucks offers a range of comprehensive service agreements and extended care options that can assist operators to keep on top of maintenance and compliance, while smoothing out the monthly balance sheet.

Matched with extensive industry training for all Isuzu technicians, and the support of over 70 locations nationwide backing operations, it’s a winning combination.

Coming as an affordable upfront payment to eliminate any surprises, an Isuzu Essentials service agreement covers the first three regular services up to 36 months or 60,000 kilometres—perfect for first-time truck owners or returning customers buying new models.

Customers have the option of upgrading to Isuzu Essentials Plus, which covers a range of additional inclusions such as filter replacements, wipers and other high-use componentry, or Isuzu Total, available for those wanting an end-to-end package above the staples with engine, transmission, driveline, brakes, suspension and electrical componentry coverage (among other parts) included.

For the workhorses going strong after years of faithful service, Isuzu Heritage takes care of Isuzu trucks over three years old or with over 100,000 kilometres on a simple monthly payment plan.

Long-term business solutions

“With a service agreement covering critical parts and componentry and all work conducted by an authorised technician using genuine parts fitted to your truck, you’ve got your maintenance bases covered, which will help you to meet CoR and safety responsibilities,” said Mr Stewart.

“Combine this with one of Isuzu’s updated N Series trucks featuring our market-leading warranty and the next generation of safety with ADAS … and we can confidently say that any business needing a new light-duty transport will find a compliance-smart, cost-effective—and more importantly, safe—solution with Isuzu.”

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