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Peace of Mind with Parts & Service

Peace of Mind with Parts & Service

Facing lingering operational challenges from border restrictions to social distancing measures, businesses are feeling the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Now more than ever, Aussie operators are looking for support and our Isuzu Trucks aftersales Parts and Service departments are committed to answering the call.

Knowing your business can acquire the correct equipment in a timely fashion is not only expected, but it’s also critical for meeting customer expectations and keeping vital operations moving.

The safety of number one

With one in every four trucks on Australian roads sporting the Isuzu badge, we have a storied track record supporting thousands of customers with dedicated parts supply and servicing.

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In the shadow of the nation’s economic recovery, Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) national parts manager John Plunkett commented on the need for the continual review and improvement of Isuzu’s local and international parts supply chain.

‘Our focus is always on ensuring the needs of Australian businesses are provided for beyond the initial truck purchase, with comprehensive aftercare, service and parts support,’ Mr Plunkett said.

‘Isuzu Trucks has tirelessly developed and refined the necessary processes and relationships to give our customers quality parts and componentry at the most competitive prices—with the assurance that they will always be able to get their hands on what is required to get the job done.’

Collaborative relationships a key strength

A legacy of 32 years at the top of any industry creates incredibly strong partnerships.

For us at Isuzu Trucks, this comes in the form of relationships with a range of top tier suppliers who work diligently to assist with the availability of product, when it’s needed most.

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According to recently conducted research commissioned by our team at Isuzu, the availability of parts and componentry remains a primary concern for Australian operators, with almost 70 per cent of respondents indicating it was of top priority in their business’ maintenance and servicing schedule, superseding other factors such as the initial purchase price.

‘As we know, downtime is a real concern for businesses running a truck fleet of any size, and timely access to parts and componentry can be a critical factor during servicing and maintenance,’ said Mr Plunkett.

‘It has been a longstanding goal of Isuzu Trucks to maintain robust supply chains that can quickly adapt to external changes.

‘This has been especially important during COVID-19, with local and international supply chains affected by movement restrictions and social distancing constraints.

‘Our strong relationships with suppliers and internally with our dealer network have seen Isuzu customers in good stead to continue essential services in a really tough operating climate.”

Tried & tested

With Chain of Responsibility compliance a non-negotiable, and workplace health and safety regulations under the microscope, maintaining and repairing a fleet to optimal conditions is critical.

Using genuine OEM parts for truck repairs comes with the added assurance of manufacturer warranties and eliminating compatibility issues, not only increasing the operating life of a truck, but it’s whole-of-life value as well.

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While small savings may be found on the purchase price of after-market parts, long-term risks to fleet and staff safety could far exceed those savings.

And when it comes to safety, relying on the proven performance of Australia’s number one truck brand provides peace of mind that money just can’t buy.

‘We understand our responsibility to keep Australian businesses on the move,’ said Mr Plunkett.

‘Using genuine Isuzu parts fitted to your Isuzu truck by an authorised technician not only assists in meeting safety obligations but can help to extend the working life of your truck.

‘It’s also important to note that using parts and componentry not backed by Isuzu may look the part but cannot offer the same guarantee of performance.

‘We recommend using Isuzu-backed parts, including Isuzu Genuine Parts, Isuzu Best Value Parts and Isuzu Approved Parts to keep your truck in peak condition.’

Value & quality

While parts readiness is especially important given current supply chain pressures internationally and locally, Mr Plunkett stressed Isuzu’s continued focus on quality and cost effectiveness for customers.

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‘It comes as little surprise that road transport operators are after genuine value for money when it comes to parts and servicing, and the research we’ve recently conducted confirms this sentiment.

‘In fact, three quarters of respondents placed this outcome above all other considerations in this space,’ noted Mr Plunkett.

‘To this end, we’ve placed high priority on implementing processes to ensure our customers have unbroken access to top quality, well priced truck parts and componentry.’

‘Backed by a nation-wide dealer footprint, we’re confident our product, its impressive heritage and its fit-for-purpose nature remains the best value for Australian operators,’ he concluded.

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