New Isuzu Towbar Assembly Carries Weight 

The practicality and application suitability of the market leading Isuzu Trucks N Series range has been further enhanced following the recent release of the new genuine Isuzu 4.0 & 4.5 tonne towbar package. 

Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the exacting specifications of Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL’s) Product Development Centre in Melbourne, the new towbars are rated to 3.5 tonne as standard and can be uprated to 4.0 or 4.5 tonne capacity with the fitment of a custom tongue. 

The towbar design also allows for 50 or 70mm towball (exclusive to Isuzu), to be used with an interchangeable tongue that has the ball pre-tensioned for compliance & full peace of mind, providing further flexibility as the same towbar assembly can be used for equipment rated at 3.5 through to 4.5 tonnes. 

IAL National Parts Sales Manager Joel Gledhill said the new towbars were another example of the brand’s broad range of genuine parts & accessories, specifically designed for Australian conditions and unique application and compliance requirements. 

“We’ve developed this new towbar package in partnership with leading component design and manufacturing outfit, Abcor, the same provider produces our custom designed and highly regarded genuine bullbar range,” said Mr Gledhill. 

“And the motivation for this product was the same as for our industry-leading bulbar: in direct response to customer feedback and demand. ​ 

“Abcor have extremely high engineering and production standards, and the quality control and product output is ​ exceptional 


Isuzu’s newest towbar designs are made exclusively to suit the Isuzu N Series truck range and can be fitted to more than 100 different cab chassis and pre-built Ready-to-Work models. ​ 

Each towbar component has been robotically welded for high precision and is fully powder-coated, guaranteeing longevity and superior protection. ​ 

The modular design also allows for optimised end plate configurations—meaning a single end plate matches multiple Isuzu truck models. ​ This drastically reduces chassis interference (only minor drilling is required to attach the end plate) with no need for welding, painting or touch-ups, protecting the integrity of the vehicle chassis and drivetrain. ​ 


All components are fully validated to Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards after passing rigorous dynamic, static and chain-pull tests, meeting relevant compliance and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements. 

Relevant Component Registration Number (CRN) or Component Type Approval (CTA) for the tow bar components is attached to the relevant truck model’s ADR approval with clear and detailed labelling to explain towing capacity including de-rating based on NHVR Vehicle standards guide is included on the towing assembly. ​ 

Whether it’s towing the skid-steer to and from the worksite or taking the caravan on an adventure, Mr Gledhill said Isuzu truck customers can continue to tow with certainty and composure. ​ 

“Our own Future of Trucking research report confirms everyone from owner-operators through to larger truck fleets in the road transport industry are demanding industry-specific modifications that meet the needs of their business. ​ 

“In fact, 65 per cent of those we surveyed believed it critical to their businesses to have access to application-centric turn-key truck solutions. 

“We’ve developed and produced this latest towbar product to maximise the towing capacity and application versatility of our N Series truck range. 

“We’ve brought the Isuzu design standard to this, so our customers can have the same peace of mind in the performance of the genuine components fitted to their truck, from the bullbar through to the towbar,” Mr Gledhill concluded. 

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Sam Gangemi

Marketing and Advertising Manager, Isuzu Australia Limited

Arkajon Communications

Public Relations Agency



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