It's What We Do: Isuzu Launch New Customer Care Program

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has underlined its commitment to its customers with the launch of its popular and now reimagined customer support program, Isuzu Care, aimed at taking the aftersales experience to the next level.

Since IAL first launched Isuzu Care in 2006, the program has built a strong reputation in the road transport industry for providing Isuzu truck customers and operators with a unique combination of service and support programs and initiatives, making the Isuzu ownership experience an outstanding one.

Following an exhaustive review that included detailed customer and dealer feedback, a new era of Care has officially been launched at the industry’s premier event, the Brisbane Truck Show - in itself a sign of the dedication Isuzu is making to its customers.

Part of Isuzu's DNA

Isuzu’s commitment to Care is underpinned by the philosophy that buying a truck is just the beginning of the ownership journey. The overarching experience, from top-tier service and support with an eye on customers’ needs, has been a major driver in the brand’s 34 years of consecutive truck market leadership.

“With Care part of our DNA, it is critical that we examine how we can continue to improve our customer experience,” said Andrew Harbison, IAL Director & Chief Operating Officer.

“This re-adjustment of Care as a bedrock initiative was necessary not because it was broken, but rather because we want to continue to offer customers a superior experience with their Isuzu product.

“We want to continually understand and deliver on our customer expectations.

“The needs of our customers are set to evolve in the coming years with the advent of new technologies, so Isuzu Care is making moves now to take customers on that journey.”

The Isuzu Care Difference

As part of better understanding customer needs, Isuzu teamed up with Qualtrics, a software provider engaged by thousands of the world’s leading brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools. Using this platform, Isuzu critically analyzed direct surveys alongside other external feedback including the likes of Google reviews.

“By understanding our customer requirements in greater detail, we have been able to re-shape our customer care framework into three key pillars: Customer Support, Productivity and Reliability,” said IAL’s Care Manager Kathryn Kreuzer.

“As we step into this new era of care, we have some clear goals we want to achieve. Firstly, deliver an industry leading customer experience - driven by a shared customer engagement philosophy throughout IAL and our expansive Dealer Network.

“Secondly, provide Isuzu Trucks with a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage in the short, medium and longer term - across the Australian truck market.”

Working Together

It’s the combination of many unique elements that will be the difference customers will experience with the enhanced Isuzu Care, according to Ms Kreuzer.

“As the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” she said. ​

“Competitive advantages are formed by businesses that are able to combine numerous facets into a superior outcome.

“Isuzu has been fortunate enough to be able to pioneer and continue to raise the bar when it comes to customer experience and support. We were first to market with this unique brand of support services then and now we’ve taken another huge leap forward in this critical space.” ​

National branding and training are currently underway throughout the Isuzu network, including dealerships authorized service outlets throughout the country.


Take a look at the full Isuzu Australia Limited Brisbane Truck Show press kit and images.





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