Isuzu Showcases Future at Japan Mobility Show

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has been provided an insight into the next phase of the world’s transport industry, getting up close and personal with the joint Isuzu Motors Limited’s (IML) and UD Trucks, “Innovation for You - Accelerate the Future of Transport,” exhibit at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. 

Product and technology on display were all central to the ‘Choose Your Future,’ moniker, encapsulating IML’s agnostic product development approach to achieve the company’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions from its commercial vehicle product range by 2050. 

The global brand’s strong presence at the event follows a worldwide launch of its next generation model range in March and comes hot off the heels of the Isuzu Australia’s Brisbane Truck Show attendance, which featured the first appearance of Isuzu’s zero emission N Series EV in the southern hemisphere. 

One of the Isuzu N Series EV for show goers to view
One of the Isuzu N Series EV for show goers to view

Making a statement 

The theme of the stand in Tokyo emphasised the brand’s vision of a ‘mobility society,’ showcasing a broad range of emerging and contemporary mobility technology, including the latest battery-electric advancements, a long-awaited hydrogen fuel-cell example, and clean internal combustion improvements to name a few. ​ ​ 

Additionally there was a world-first reveal of the e-Vision Cycle Concept, showcasing the potential for a fast-turnaround battery-swap system.

Four dominant themes underpinning Isuzu’s overarching approach to future product development - carbon neutrality, driver comfort, safety and connectivity – all featured heavily across the stand, signalling a brave new era of transportation for the brand and its customers. ​ ​ ​ 

A rare insight 

In attendance at this year’s event, IAL’s Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, said the Japan Mobility Expo provided a rare and insightful opportunity to get to grips with what is the cutting-edge of world transportation technology. ​ ​ ​ 

“Our industry is in the midst of unprecedented change. From the very fundamentals of the way in which we do business, to evolving environmental and societal expectations its clear an industry transition is well and truly upon us,” he said. 

“From a product perspective, events like the Mobility Show are invaluable for markets such as Australia. Having direct access to some of the key emerging technologies, we’re looking at genuine solutions in our corner of the world which are both insightful and highly valuable.” ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 

Environment first 

An overarching theme of the Isuzu/ UD Trucks showcase was the Isuzu Group’s long-term goal to create environmentally responsible transport that can drive both economic growth as well as positive environmental outcomes. 

“This broader push from our parent company is of course well underway and as we saw in Tokyo, an unapologetically holistic approach to technological development is being pursued,” noted Mr Harbison. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 

A significant part of this approach is the Isuzu Modular Architecture and Component Standard (I-MACS) - a new approach to product development that allows the combination of various components, parts and devices to be applied in light of future tech advancement and the expansion of vehicle types. 

Breaking with the convention of developing model-specific parts, I-MACS has been able to realise an all-new Isuzu line-up that meets the diverse needs of customers around the world, now and into the future. 

N Series EV on the stand
N Series EV on the stand

On stand 

The Isuzu/ UD Trucks booth provided a glimpse into what lies ahead with four defined spaces, that being the Future Tunnel, and Future Cube, at its centre, with the former drawing visitors into another world, and the latter exuding a sense of wonder at what the future holds. Another two display areas within the huge footprint were called ‘View Point’ and ‘Warehouse’ respectively. View Point, gave show goers a vision of the sustainable city of the future and Warehouse - the future of logistics. ​ 

Key models from the Isuzu/ UD Trucks stand at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show included… 

The heavy-duty Giga Fuel Cell truck in the spotlight at the Japan Mobility Show
The heavy-duty Giga Fuel Cell truck in the spotlight at the Japan Mobility Show

Giga Fuel Cell 

Jointly developed with Honda Motor Co and attracting plenty of attention on stand, this heavy-duty Giga Fuel Cell truck went on display for the very first time anywhere in the world. Since 2020, both Isuzu and Honda have strongly backed hydrogen fuel cell (FC) technology as the ideal solution for heavier loads over longer distances. With production models slated for 2027, the pace of FC as genuine heavy-duty solution has definitely gathered pace in recent years. ​ ​ 

Up close with the e-Vision Cycle Concept
Up close with the e-Vision Cycle Concept

N Series EV 

Of key interest for the Australian market at the Japanese Mobility Show was the N Series EV, or as it is known in Japan the ELF EV. The N Series EV is Isuzu’s first mass-produced Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), with variations of the stand example set to join the lineup in conjunction with the other light-duty diesel powered N-Series models in Australia during the imminent full model change. ​ 

Isuzu’s introductory zero emissions vehicle, the N Series EV is poised to be made available in a range of model variations and numerous configurations to help meet customer demand. ​ 

Quon GW 6x4 

Another model being closely watched by the Australian market, the Quon GW 6x4 is already on sale in Japan under the Isuzu EXY nomenclature and is touted to combine efficiency and power for heavy hauling applications. Powered by one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers and sporting the next-generation 12-speed electronically controlled ESCOT-VII automatic transmission, it’s little wonder the Quon GW had the sharp eyes of many punters on it at this years’ exhibition. ​ 

Onwards, upwards 

“Having boots on the ground here Tokyo, it’s hard not to get swept up in the concept that this really is a critical juncture in our industry’s history,” Mr Harbison said. 

“It’s a fantastic time to be involved in the transport industry and it does feel as though we’re on the cusp of seismic change in the way we think about and approach transport and mobility, especially from a product perspective. 

“We’re extremely confident in the solutions we’re working towards in Australia, solutions that will enable IAL to maintain its market leadership and continue to provide fit-for-purpose product and value-add to our many loyal customers.” ​ 

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