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Isuzu Executes Smooth Move with New AV Unit for 2022 Medium & Heavy-Duty Models

Isuzu Executes Smooth Move with New AV Unit for 2022 Medium & Heavy-Duty Models

There aren’t many places that serve as workspace, desk and tearoom rolled into one—but a truck cab is one of them.

With long hours racked up in the seat, drivers are appreciating finesse in comfort and technology, and the ability to get the job done efficiently now more than ever.

With increased demand on pick-ups and fleet services readily apparent, Isuzu Trucks recognises that operators are increasingly seeking a sleeker, safer work space.

This year, the brand introduces a brand-new Audio Visual & Multimedia Unit in all new 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 4x4 models in its medium-duty and heavy-duty F, FV, FX and FY Series ranges, going that step further toward a rewarding all-round trucking experience.

All in the touch

Isuzu’s new large format touch screen AV Unit, branded the MyIsuzu Co-Pilot, is all about user experience, with the user interface exclusive to IAL, 32GB of on-board storage, DAB+ and internet radio, smart device mirroring technology from both Apple and Google, and a brand-new navigation provider.

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Isuzu’s new satnav offer utilises the best of HERE Navigation technology from Europe, adapted for the very first time with Isuzu Trucks for the Australian market.

Equipped with HERE Navigation and connected to mobile wi-fi, the unit is able to receive the latest, most accurate maps, live traffic and recommended truck routes to complete the job.

On the surface, an expanded 10.1-inch screen precisely angled to the driver’s position offers superior usability with capacitive touch, featuring a unique interface that makes it as simple to save a favourite radio station as it is to search for the next destination.

Safe surrounds

The unit has been designed to work hand-in-hand with the truck’s monitoring systems, seamlessly pairing with the F, FX and FY Series’ digital low-light reversing camera, which is now supplied as standard fitment on all models.

The new unit also supports the option for multi-view monitoring of surrounds when paired with up to four additional external cameras.

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Easy to manage applications and presets make truck switchovers a breeze, offering the ability to add multiple users and profiles (with preferences saved for each).

Other key features of the Isuzu’s updated AV Unit include:

  • Android Automotive operating system with ability to customise screens with apps
  • Enhanced satellite navigation with on-demand updates and live map update capability
  • Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration
  • Full HD screen at 1080p plus 32 GB onboard storage for music and video
  • AM/FM/DAB+ and internet radio (with phone data connection through USB/wi-fi)
  • Two USB ports and smartphone storage pocket
  • Wireless phone charging capability provided as standard in FV, FX and FY models, and optional in others
  • Access to Isuzu truck owner’s manuals on screen
  • Programmable to include a step-by-step of daily pre-operation inspections

Upgrade the experience

To assist operators with their busy work schedule, there is a full range of practical optional extras available for purchase from Isuzu dealerships to compliment the new AV Unit.

These include a wireless charging pad for smartphones (coming standard on any new FV, FX or FY model truck), integrated reversing sensors, and a digital mirror replacement option with screen to improve field of vision during critical manoeuvres.

For extra convenience, an optional Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can also be added to make any pre-op inspection or extended highway driving an even safer prospect.

Smart truck, smarter trucking

Following hot on the heels of sweeping safety updates to the popular light-duty N Series last year, Isuzu continues its long-term goal of providing safer, smarter trucks to the Australian market involved in heavier, more punishing applications.

Alongside a suite of Advanced Safety Features across the range—including Isuzu’s ​ Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in many 4x2 models—all trucks in the F, FX and FY Series feature clever new finishes to increase safety, efficiency and road presence.

This includes new LED headlamps (position lamps and low beam, except 4x4 models) on the cab front which improve the spread and intensity of light, and a clean revamped cabin interior. Noticeable upgrades continue under the driver’s fingertips on all 240 PS models (FRR & FSR) sporting a new instrument panel with 4.2-inch colour multi-information display and steering wheel controls.

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Sum of the whole

While customers will appreciate the facelift to Isuzu’s medium- and heavy-duty range for 2022, it’s all about the sum of the whole product, noted Simon Humphries, Isuzu Australia Limited Chief Engineer, Product Strategy.

“We know people are searching for those small efficiencies that add up to make a big impact, whether it’s receiving the most up-to-date traffic information or saving seconds on an inspection routine,” commented Mr Humphries.

“We’ve chosen to focus on integrating the big-ticket items such as intelligent ADAS safety with a complement of locally designed features such as the new MyIsuzu Co-Pilot AV Unit, which combine to make everyday trucking a smarter, efficient and importantly, comfortable prospect.

“With these significantly improved specifications, it’s a great time to be an Isuzu Trucks medium-duty or heavy-duty buyer... I have absolute confidence customers will feel a positive difference in using an Isuzu truck across all aspects of operation, compared to our competitors with product in these market segments.

“There is truly something for everyone with our huge range of trucks covering medium-duty Ready-to-Work Tippers and Freightpacks through to concrete agitators, dual controls and cab chassis suited to rigorous Australian applications,” Mr Humphries concluded.

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