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Isuzu Confirms New Head of Innovation

Isuzu Confirms New Head of Innovation

With a view towards the future of its operations, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has appointed automotive professional Kylie Barlin to the role of Head of Innovation. 

Sitting within the broader Strategy Division, IAL’s Innovation Department is tasked with the development of new products and services that create significant value for customers while evolving IAL’s business to maintain its phenomenal leadership in the Australian truck market. 

Australia’s truck market is set to experience substantial change over the coming years, including the launch of an all-new Isuzu Trucks model range and Isuzu’s first EV offering for the Australian market. 

Amidst these changes, Mrs Barlin brings considerable experience in the automotive sector across enterprise strategy, corporate planning, ESG, distributor engagement and transformation. 

Her experience includes previous key roles at Toyota Finance and Toyota Motor Asia Pacific. 

“With so much change afoot, it is not just about moving the metal, but also working to support the scale of industry transformation that's coming ahead,” she said. 

“Key to this is delivering the type of projects that ensure Isuzu continues to set the standard for the industry well into the future.” 

As Head of Innovation, Kylie will work closely with IAL Chief of Strategy Grant Cooper, identifying new opportunities for Isuzu and its large National Dealer Network, while delivering industry-best outcomes for its customers.  

“The trucking industry as we know it is changing, and it is imperative that we are on the front foot not only with the right product but ensuring our business can support it and our customers for years to come,” he said. 

“Isuzu is not content to rest on past laurels, with the evolution of our business a major focus going forward. 

“We are very confident Kylie is the right person to bring an even greater focus on delivering significant value for our customers - during this transformative period and well into the future.” 

The Isuzu brand has a storied history of leading the industry when it comes to gathering feedback and creating innovative solutions to Australian road transport challenges—something that will remain a key focus.   

“Isuzu has been very successful leading the Australian truck market for 35 years with a business that has the customer at its core, and I feel this is a great advantage,” Mrs Barlin noted. 

“However, there is a driving need to evolve with the significant technological changes coming at us, and to see how we can structure products and services that are best fit for future road transport and the applications of Australian businesses. 

“The strong activity that IAL has underway to cater to this is evident across the organisation and I’m excited about the future prospects for the company, our business partners and customers.”  

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