Isuzu Announces Bold Change to Product Capability

In light of the rapid pace of change facing industries across Australia, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has unveiled bold new methods for local product management, product development and production. ​

Announced as part of a media preview of Isuzu’s all-new, next generation product, which included a tour of the Isuzu Motors/UD stand at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, the company’s strengthened product capabilities signal sustained growth for Australia’s truck market leader. ​

A bold transformation

IAL Head of Product, Matt Sakhaie, seized the opportunity to unpack the operational transition and what it means for Isuzu customers in the context of a rapidly shifting technological climate. ​ ​

“Identifying the range of challenges faced by our customers and offering agile responses to their changing needs is a key driver in developing and rolling out these strategies and our company-wide capabilities,” Mr Sakhaie noted. ​

“We have set out to improve overall product delivery, whether that means production of fit-for-purpose solutions or reducing the time it takes to bring it to market,” Mr Sakhaie continued. ​

To better emphasise this transformation, every product and support offering throughout the Isuzu Australia brand has now been consolidated under one banner. ​

“From commercial vehicles—be they light, medium or heavy-duty, internal combustion or battery electric through to parts, accessories, power solutions and our broader mobility offering—every product now has the same in-house development process applied, with the end user firmly top of mind,” said Mr Sakhaie. ​

“Specialised teams within IAL now handle these product disciplines and the responsibility for product development across each of these divisions is led by one point of contact. ​

“These are profound changes from an engineering capability standpoint, enabling the product team to function at its maximum capacity with benefits flowing to the dealer network and ultimately, our customers,” said Mr Sakhaie. ​

The future today

This new approach to product capability ensures that IAL is adaptable to exponential growth in advancing technologies—extending to the automotive industry’s evolving environmental regulations and the changing needs of the customer. ​

“Given the complexity of this array of change, a different approach to product philosophy has been required,” said Mr Sakhaie. ​

“The other crucial part of this structure is our production capability, whereby the core task of the Isuzu Product team is to consolidate the second stage of manufacturing.” ​

Providing an excellent example of this are models coming out of IAL’s state-of-the-art Melbourne facility, including Isuzu’s Dual Control line-up, popular 10x4 product, as well as the brand’s Agitator specification.

Innovative solutions

“Our growing product capabilities represent an innovative and genuine solution for the end user,” Mr Sakhaie said. ​ ​

“This broader fit-for-purpose engineering approach also serves to elevate the Isuzu brand from that of our competition. ​ ​ ​ ​

“For Australian customers, this means that Isuzu Trucks will be in an even stronger position to achieve predictable delivery, while improving the overall quality and fit-for-purpose nature of the product. ​

“We’re extremely confident the solution we’ve arrived at will enable IAL to stay ahead of the curve, provide product differentiation and add value to our customers’ businesses,” he concluded.

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Sam Gangemi

Marketing and Advertising Manager, Isuzu Australia Limited

Arkajon Communications

Public Relations Agency



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