HVAC Ramps Up Efficiency With Isuzu 4x4 NPS

Green fields. The term conjures an idyllic image of rolling grasslands and endless potential. But in the telecommunications world, it also means underdevelopment. ​ 

“Greenfields refer to areas without an existing telecommunications structure in place,” explained Stephen Coates, Project Manager from HVAC’s telecommunications department. ​ 

“Here at HVAC, we complete large volumes of structural steel upgrades throughout the telecommunications sector. We fabricate, supply, and install structural steel on towers, poles and guyed masts across five states and territories throughout Australia, along with installation of greenfields sites. ​ 

This means HVAC work with some of the country’s largest telecom carriers: Axicom, Optus, Telstra, TPG and others, delivering an end-to-end solution to upgrade networks. ​ 

“We have teams of field staff that have the capability to construct a small telco site on a city rooftop to a large, full-scale 120-metre guyed mast telco installation in remote areas including the fabrication and supply of the steelwork for construction,” noted Stephen. ​ 

Consistency is Key 

HVAC project managers are constantly monitoring all aspects of projects, from the delivery of raw materials to fabrication timelines and installation requirements. ​ 

They understand all too well the impact of poor equipment performance and how it can affect project timelines and overall quality. ​ 

The reliability of their vehicle fleet in rough conditions was a key factor that prompted them to purchase an Isuzu NPS 75-155 4x4 Crew—HVAC’s first ever truck and a prototype model for the company. 

“I’ve driven a few other truck brands in the past but when it came down to it, reliability was the main factor for us,” Stephen said. ​ 

“The professionalism Isuzu demonstrates was definitely a big drawcard, and Nicholas Greet at Brisbane Isuzu made the entire process of acquiring the NPS 4x4 truck very simple for us.” ​ 

They also provide a range of specialist services, focusing on six business units—telecommunication infrastructure site services, industrial ventilation services, specialised fabrication, mechanical services and air conditioning design and construction, water infrastructure and electrical contracting and installation. 

This includes a wide variety of work, from the design and construction of mechanical services for new hospitals, to the fabrication of mild steel cement-lined pipe fitting for the water and wastewater industry. 


Their head offices are in Brisbane and Sydney, but HVAC operates nationwide, which means they rely on a fleet of vehicles to carry teams, tools, and large equipment to sites on and off the road. 

According to Stephen, HVAC’s biggest issue with finding suitable vehicles has been payload. 

“We own 20 utes and trailers, but they don’t really fit the purpose that we need them to. ​ 

“We carry a lot of heavy steel that is often oddly shaped, so we really need payload and the room to carry these things safely.” 


“When you have a two-seater ute, you’re limited to carrying two people to the site. A lot of the time we need to send more than two technicians and so we’ve had to send two vehicles instead of one in the past,” Stephen said. 

“Our NPS 4x4 Crew can carry twice the payload as well as an additional five staff—so we eliminate the costs involved with sending an extra vehicle to site. ​ 

“We save on fuel, wear and tear, servicing… you name it.” 

The NPS 75-155 Crew features a GVM rating of 7,500 kg and generous GCM of 11,000 kg, plus a 4,500 kg towing capacity with a standard 50 mm tow ball (which can be upgraded at the dealership). 

This 4x4 model also comes equipped with the necessary power to back up a large payload with Isuzu’s 4HK1-TCN turbocharged diesel engine offering max power of 155 PS (114kW) @ 2,600 rpm and 419 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm of torque. 

Working from Northern Queensland down to South Australia and across the waters to Tasmania, HVAC’s vehicles are clocking up between 30,000 to 50,000 kilometres per year. 

“We were spending a lot of money on transport,” Stephen explained. ​ 

“On top of the added payload, our new Isuzu truck is also a way for us to reduce our whole-of-life costs. ​ 

“Once we have more trucks in our fleet such as the NPS replacing our current utes, we expect this to reduce even further.” 

The Personal Touch

When asked about the NPS’s operation on the road, Stephen has heard nothing but praise from HVAC’s drivers. 

“The truck has been really good. Our supervisors usually drive the truck, and they’ve been able to fit equipment that was previously scattered in the ute trailer into the NPS’s fabricated toolbox. 

“We’ve also set up the truck with a fridge and other bits and pieces inside the cab to make it more comfortable for our drivers.” 

Stephen credits Brisbane Isuzu and the body builder, Mini Body for the process in bringing HVAC’s prototype truck to life. ​ 

“Nicholas Greet at Brisbane Isuzu has been really super to work with. ​ 

“He was always there to answer any and all questions. When I wanted something else, he was more than happy to get it done. 

“Mini Body also did an excellent job on the toolboxes and tray. The whole process was a bit of a collaboration between all of us, and we’ve been really pleased with the outcome. 

“We’re looking to acquire at least two more Isuzus with plans to purchase the next in 2022.” 

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