HRD Builders Prove Power of Working Smarter With Ready-to-Work Trucks

Reilly Hutchinson, the dynamic force behind HRD Builders in Queensland has an infectious enthusiasm that suffuses his dealings from sunrise to sunset each work day. ​ ​

For almost a decade, Reilly and his team have been turning dreams into reality by providing craftmanship and experience to suit any project. The company has expanded impressively into two distinct areas of expertise: HRD Builders taking care of all building works while Reilly’s newer company HRD Earthworks handles landscaping and earthmoving jobs. ​ ​

As the two businesses extend their client bases across the picturesque Scenic Rim, the Gold Coast and up into Brisbane, Reilly’s need to match the demands of jobs now with ambition for future expansion has played into his thinking around capital equipment purchases. ​

He has honed this into the transport fleet, boosting productivity by adding a gleaming NPR 55-155 Tradepack and a svelte NMR 60-150 Tipper to the roster.

Standing proud: Reilly Hutchinson owner-operator of HRD Builders & HRD Earthworks
Standing proud: Reilly Hutchinson owner-operator of HRD Builders & HRD Earthworks

Onsite support ​

“I went with the NPR Tradepack specifically to cater for my building needs as I found there’s not many utes on the market that can tow and carry heavy loads at the same time," said Reilly of his choice of vehicle. ​

“I’ve found the truck was affordable, very practical and it does the job really well. ​

“The Tradepack is my truck for running around all day in and with the inbuilt toolbox on the tray I have everything required if I need to help out onsite. ​

“Even if I’m just driving around doing quotes, it’s great for driving around the city.”

HRD's NPR 55-155 Tradepack
HRD's NPR 55-155 Tradepack

In addition to a large load capability which the NPR 55-155 Tradepack delivers with a 5,500 kg GVM and 9,000 kg GCM, plus a 4.5-tonne towing capacity, Reilly speaks of the need for an all-in-one rolling office to support his full workload. ​

Isuzu’s recent updates to N Series interior cabin design brings increased space and comfort up front to in Ready-to-Work models such as the Tradepack, making virtual meetings in the car park simple and offering refinement for the task of representing the business onsite. ​

A large 10.1-inch capacitive multimedia touchscreen and navigation unit, user-friendly Bluetooth for hands-free communication and a spacious cab with ample storage for paperwork and necessities are also features that increase Reilly’s daily productivity. ​

Reilly noted their 6-tonne GVM model NMR 60-150 Tipper provides this and more with a robust tipper tray capacity that bolsters their ability to tow loads of equipment and cart away rubble easily. ​

HRD's NMR 60-150 Tipper
HRD's NMR 60-150 Tipper

The NMR Tipper’s size is tailored for navigating tight worksites, measuring in with a 2,490 mm wheelbase (SWB model) and a compact 1,815 mm cab width, which is 225 mm narrower than Reilly’s NPR Tradepack. ​

The NMR Tipper also offers an impressive turning circle of only 8.5 m (kerb-to-kerb) giving staff the ability to manoeuvre it through the city and suburbs without sacrificing on the necessary grunt or payload to carry the materials and equipment that a day onsite requires. ​

“Both our new Isuzu trucks have made things easier, reducing the amount of time that we need to tow a trailer because they’ve got so much tray space,” Reilly said. ​

“This matters when you're driving through the inner city of Brisbane, when parking and getting in and out of a job is easier because you don't have a big trailer behind you. ​

“Especially with the NMR Tipper, it fits into backyards, car parks… anywhere you could expect to fit a car, you can fit this truck.”

The Isuzu difference ​

Dealing with Brisbane Isuzu’s National Fleet Account Manager, David Gibson, Reilly shared a positive account of his experience with the dealership, where he was able to bring his own designs to the table. ​ ​

“I walked into Brisbane Isuzu in Archerfield for just a look and walked out with a brand-new Tradepack truck on order… they were so accommodating and made the whole process easy,” said Reilly. ​ ​

“I designed the toolbox myself because I know how I like things and the wrap was designed by a good mate of mine at Envy Autos signwriters. ​ ​

“It was all coordinated through David who built their quote into the finances, so it all went through as one transaction.” ​

In turn, David was quick to commend Reilly’s enthusiasm and the practicality of the NPR 55-155 Tradepack for HRD Builders. ​

“The Tradepack is a perfect fit for Reilly—you see him in the office or in meetings as often as you catch him on site, so he needed something that would hold its own in all areas of the business. ​ ​

“He can drive it straight from an appointment in the city to a project location without having to think twice. ​ ​

“Reilly loves that truck!” added David with a laugh.

Concrete dream ​

Reilly is a company man in the truest sense, dedicating himself completely to the expansion of the business and the wellbeing of his staff team. ​ ​

“Someone once told me, if you're going to start your own company, don't think about it as a job. ​ ​

“You've got to change your mindset and think of it as a lifestyle…. everything you think, live and breathe is the business, and I couldn’t agree with that more.” ​ ​

Reilly believes the fleet directly supports his pride in the business and allows him to provide a level of professionalism and efficiency that resonates with clients. ​ ​

“We’ve been around a while, so we get repeat work from happy clients,” he said. ​ ​

“We’ve nurtured a really good rapport with customers so they’re comfortable speaking plainly and laying out exactly what their needs are. ​

“What motivates me more than anything is building the brand,” Reilly added. ​

“I plan to diversify and expand both businesses in the near future… I would purchase from Isuzu again to support this.”

HRD Builders Prove Power of Working Smarter With Ready-to-Work Trucks

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