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Happy Birthday, Here's a Truck! Quest VacWorx & Plumbing get a Tradepack Present

Happy Birthday, Here's a Truck! Quest VacWorx & Plumbing get a Tradepack Present

Dinner, drinks, cake… who needs these when you can celebrate your birthday by picking up a brand-new Isuzu truck from the dealership?

That’s exactly what Scott Stewart from Quest VacWorx & Plumbing did last year, scoring an NPR 45-155 Premium Tradepack with Automated Manual Transmission for his new business… and his 30th birthday.

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It’s probably too much to hope that the team at CJD Isuzu Darwin wrapped up the truck with a red ribbon and gave Scott a giant pair of scissors.

But the young entrepreneur has only good things to say about his first-time truck purchase nonetheless, buying the Tradepack for the newly formed non-destructive hydro excavation business Quest VacWorx & Plumbing (otherwise known as the Quality Underground Excavation Service Team) in Darwin.

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“Buying a truck from CJD was awesome, I was really impressed with how Simon Cameron [CJD Dealer Principal] and the team put their programs to use, working out the right truck model to carry my hydro excavation equipment,” Scott said.

“I was able to see exactly where things were going to fit on the tray, how weight would be distributed over the axles and the overall truck setup.

“The Tradepack ended up being exactly how I envisioned it, in terms of power, torque, the setup with toolboxes, water tanks, everything.

“Having that confidence to find the right piece of equipment was critical in helping me start out… I went in thinking it would be super hard to buy a truck, just hoping for the best, really!

“It turned out just perfect and everything has flowed on from there. It runs well, it’s well-built, it’s really nice.”

And the cherry on top of this sweet story? Scott had the Ready-to-Work truck on the books in time to make use of the government’s tax write-off incentives.

“Simon was really helpful getting it across the line for the end of financial year,” he noted.

New truck in hand, Scott stopped off at NP Style Signage & Graphics for a swish black and gold wrap job, before taking it over to his mates at A&K Maintenance and Mechanical to help with fitting a Vermeer vacuum pump and 1,000 litre water tank.

“Garth at A&K pretty much gave me the keys to his work shed and let me work there on weekends, loaning me all the tools to do the truck build.

“It was a long process to build it myself, but this was all while COVID was happening… I just thought, ‘If I can have the truck ready to go when it heads back to normal, whatever degree of normal, I’ll be right,” Scott recalled.

It seems the young entrepreneur had the right idea. Scott’s been picking up all sorts of work with his new rig: from potholing to excavation, drain cleaning and CCTV camera inspections of underground pipework.

It seems he’s carved out a niche source of work in Darwin, undertaking pothole excavation works in tight access areas for the large-scale Defence base upgrades—and cleaning boats on the side (he’d love to give more detail, but it’s all a bit hush-hush).

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“We clean the inside and outside hulls, pump the water out of the boats and remove any liquid waste with the vacuum,” Scott explained.

“My little truck is pretty unique in this application, it’s small in size but has big capacity.

“That was the driving idea behind getting a Tradepack—I wanted something that could access areas where big trucks couldn’t get to, that could effectively carry the weight of the vac unit.

“Working out of the truck day-in, day-out, I needed to make sure it had all the features I wanted, with the capabilities I needed,” he continued.

“The Premium Tradepack has a bullbar, towbar, ladder racks, extra storage, Bluetooth, Sat Nav, which is awesome for getting around the Territory.

“I’m a big guy too, and there’s plenty of room in the cab for me and the dog who cruises around with me most days.”

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Scott says the Tradepack’s considerable 8,000 kg GCM and steady 4-cylinder engine (providing 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm of power and torque of 419 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm) are impressive under pressure as he loads up with a water drum and excavators that push capacity.

“The torque and thrust power for such a little truck are unreal… and you can still tow on top of carrying a load,” Scott noted.

“I know a lot of guys out there are buying utes, and that’s alright, but you really need to consider what you can fit in a truck like the Tradepack.

“I can take it to Woolworths, to the Maccas Drive-Thru, the shopping centre car park…

“It’s got a better turning circle than my girlfriend’s work ute—she’s an electrician—and I can load twice as much stuff.

“Honestly, a ute isn’t that much cheaper. For a nice interior, built-in extras, and something that’s going to be your office, you pay for quality… and you just can’t go wrong with Isuzu’s Premium Tradepack features.”

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