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Tim Johns grew up on residential constructions sites with his father, counting down to the moment he could jump into the trade as well. Complete Builders and Contractors is the result of lifelong learning, and a passion for quality building design and high-end customer service. 

“Building houses is all I know. I have been on construction sites since I was five years old,” Tim said with a laugh in his voice. 

Tim works across Sydney and the Central West of New South Wales, constructing residential house frames. 

“The job I do for my customers it's extremely important and it's all I've ever done. I treat everything as if I'm building it for myself or someone I know, so I take a lot of pride in the craft. ​ 

“I was running the business after Dad recently retired, which led to reimagining the operation under the name, Complete Builders and Contractors. ​ 

“Those memories from my childhood, of spending time with Dad on-site and watching him building houses has sparked this lifelong passion of mine.” ​ ​ 

Tim is up at 4.30am most mornings to head out to the job site of the day. Most days are 12-hour operations from dawn until dusk, which means Tim also spends a lot of time in the cabin of his Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack

Most days Tim can be found somewhere in the Blue Mountains or Penrith standing a new house frame, adding an extension on to an existing home, or beginning new outdoor projects like gazebos or pergolas to improve the liveability of his client's homes. 

“The business has two NPR Tradepacks, which are critical to the business because of the long days in the cabin and out on the road. The trucks are our lunchroom, the office – they’re extremely important for productivity.” 

Having upgraded their transport fleet recently, Tim says the N Series cabins are perfect for their needs, with additional occupant and storage space a key feature. ​ 

“These models can be driven on a standard car licence, which is great for the whole team, especially our apprentices when they are behind the wheel. 

“The larger the load, the better they seem to go – it’s a powerful little truck!” ​ 

Go Getter 

With the standard GVM rating of 4,500 kg and GCM of 9,000 kg, Tim’s Tradepack duo are extremely adaptable to a range of needs throughout a typical day on site, carrying tools, generators, materials and even site waste when the job calls for it. 

Both trucks are fitted with Isuzu’s two-pedal, six-speed fully automated manual transmission (AMT) and are reliably powered by Isuzu’s four-cylinder, 16-valve 4HK1-TCN engine outputting 114 kW (155 horsepower) @ 2,600 rpm and torque of 419 Nm @ 1,600 - 2,600 rpm. ​ 

Needless to say, these two workhorses are more than well-equipped to handle whatever tasks Tim can dream-up, regardless of the setting. 

“Both units have generators and compressors mounted on the back. The generators supply power to the tools and equipment we use on site. Whether it be charging up equipment, power tools, or spotlights. ​ 

“I’ve also had toolboxes mounted on the back and there's still plenty of room to carry planks, ladders and timber packs. ​ 

"Lately the powerful heaters are my favourite feature of my trucks. I crank the heater up and switch it onto my feet because it's been really wet around Sydney with some flooding. It's so important to dry out your feet between jobs.” ​ ​ 

Reliability Come Rain, Hail, or Shine

It’s fair to say that the last three years have been tough on Australians. From bushfires to the Covid-19 pandemic, and now flooding throughout Southeast Queensland and New South Wales, there have been tough times felt by many. ​ 

Tim knows how these large-scale events can impact the building industry, along with the secure homes of many Australians. ​ 

Because of the wide felt changes in Australian lifestyles over the past few years much of the work Tim is doing is extensions and renovations on properties, as Tim's customers look for creative options to solve space problems in their existing homes. ​ 

“Many people have changed the way they work so they need that space at home, or they notice things around the house that need renovating,” Tim said. ​ 

“Lots of people are renovating their homes right now, plus the cost of a new house is ridiculous in Sydney!” But changes to Sydneysiders work-home lifestyle is not the only thing that has impacted Tim’s industry. 

“With the bushfires two years ago and then closing of many timber mills across Australia, getting timber has been almost impossible,” he said. 

“Material shortages were slowing down builds for a while over the past few years, but thankfully things seem to be picking up.” 

Fortunately, Tim’s ultra-reliable Tradepack duo is helping his business grow and handle all the upcoming work. 

“Prior to purchasing the Isuzu trucks I had a ute and a trailer, but it was way too much of a hassle to use them effectively and I just couldn't carry enough weight,” he said. ​ ​ 

Stickler for Service 

“My dad had an NQR before I bought the NPR 45-155, so I guess you could say we have intergenerational Isuzu ownership,” Tim laughed. 

“Isuzu are the only brand of truck we have ever owned; they really are a great truck!” 

“I purchased my two NPR 45-155s from Gilbert and Roach at Huntingwood and the customer service was outstanding. We ordered the trucks and were booked to work out in Forbes, which is five hours from Sydney. ​ 

“We needed the trucks to carry some material from Sydney out there. They had the trucks ready, and we picked them up on the Friday to drive out there on the Saturday. The timing was perfect, down to the minute.” 

“We've never, ever had a drama, or a breakdown and never had trouble getting parts, Isuzu and Gilbert and Roach are just super reliable! 

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