Global Technology Initiative Between Japanese Commercial Vehicle and Automotive Giants

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has welcomed the recent news of the international agreement between Isuzu Motors Limited, Hino Motors Limited and Toyota Motor Corporation to establish a global technology partnership in commercial vehicles.

According to the statement by Isuzu Motors Limited, the three companies intend to combine Toyota’s CASE technologies with the commercial vehicle foundations cultivated by Isuzu and Hino.

“We welcome this latest announcement of another strategic technology alliance by our parent company in Japan,” said IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Andrew Harbison.

“This venture is joint work on the development of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), autonomous driving technologies, and electronic platforms for light duty commercial vehicles.

“With the building of a connected technology platform another key objective of the collaboration, we see a clear path for Isuzu in this critical response to the challenges facing the commercial vehicle industry and our customers,” he said.

The announcement noted that that while there was healthy market competition between Isuzu and Hino, each company also shared a passion for better logistics solutions and improved living and societal conditions for all.

“Through collaboration, the companies are aiming to reduce the final product cost, providing broader access to these new technologies to more customers.

“We’ve long advocated for strong competition in order to deliver the best outcomes for the road transport industry, and this announcement points to exciting developments and technology solutions for our customers in the future ,” Mr Harbison said.

“In the meantime, and as emphasised by Isuzu Motors President and Representative Director Masanori Katayama and Hino Motors President and CEO Yoshio Shimo, the two companies will remain fierce competitors in truck sales.

“We look forward to years of healthy Australian truck market rivalry with our competitors Hino, and indeed all local industry OEMs, it only means a better industry,” Mr Harbison concluded

The full statement from Isuzu Motors Limited can be found here.

Sam Gangemi

Marketing and Advertising Manager, Isuzu Australia Limited

Arkajon Communications

Public Relations Agency


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