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FYJ Agitator Mixes with the Best

FYJ Agitator Mixes with the Best

Following their well-known theme of giving operators better bang for buck, Isuzu Trucks FYJ 300-350 Auto Agitator package has been given a timely upgrade.  

Concrete agitating is one of the toughest applications out there, testing a truck’s chassis day-in and day-out.  

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Isuzu’s newly improved FYJ 300-350 Auto Agitator presents an attractive option with an impressive tranche of products now coming as standard, covering everything from major parts and componentry to in-cab technology. 

Outrigger body mounts

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A notable inclusion is the outrigger body mounts, manufactured in Australia and smartly specified for the local market. 

“Our customers wanted a safer, more robust chassis design that would stand the test of time,” said Simon Humphries, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Chief Engineer, Product Strategy.  

“And we’ve listened to their feedback. The new FYJ Auto Agitator comes with Isuzu-designed and fitted outrigger style body mounts, which help to increase chassis integrity and durability under extreme pressure.

“Normally, these body mounts would be added during the aftermarket build process, with a significant labour cost to remove and reinstall various parts.

“Our customers will enjoy significant cost savings at the body builders, with the extra assurance that these integral components are covered by Isuzu’s standard factory warranty.”

Control panel and transmission

An updated in-cab control panel boasts the best of Isuzu ingenuity, with Kerb-and-Channel functionality (previously an aftermarket addition) standard in both forward and reverse gears.

Safety is assured with the Kerb-and-Channel system disabling, should the driver remove their foot from the brake pedal.

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For ease of operation, Allison 4430 automatic transmission programming has been enhanced in the FYJ 300-350 Auto Agitator model, improving overall control while also reducing service brake wear.

The transmission now also includes two industry required safety features:

  • “Range inhibit” — where drivers must have their foot on the brake for gear selection.
  • “Auto neutral” — where the transmission will automatically select neutral when the park brake is applied.


Thoughtful new additions to the safety suite include a two-kilogram fire extinguisher with in-cab mounted bracket and subtle “quacker” style reverse alarm.

Further improvements include power divider and cross-locks protection, eliminating the risk of a driver engaging locks when the wheels are spinning—reducing both driver accidents and potential warranty issues.

The new FYJ 300-350 Auto Agitator also sports a combination of Dunlop SP160 steer tyres and SP431 drive tyres, reflecting industry requirements on construction sites.

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Rigorously tested for optimal performance, the unique patterns now supplied for both steer and drive axles provide both superior traction and driver control under challenging conditions, while increasing lifespan.

The selected Dunlop tyres remain light in mass, keeping the vehicle tare mass to a minimum, and so maximising payload.

Fit for purpose

The non-stop evolution of the FY Series platform is what sets Isuzu’s FYJ Agitators apart from nearby competitors, noted Mr Humphries.

“We are constantly looking at ways to improve the prospect for businesses in this segment, with refinements to specifications and model offering.

I think our customers will notice a big difference in what comes standard with an Isuzu FY Series truck and with the FYJ Agitators in particular against comparable models in the market.”

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Sam Gangemi Marketing and Advertising Manager, Isuzu Australia Limited
Arkajon Communications Public Relations Agency
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