Full Speed Ahead for Isuzu's Team Elite

Full Speed Ahead for Isuzu's Team Elite

Staying one step ahead of the competition is a process that Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has become familiar with over the course of their 35 years of truck market leadership in Australia. 

Further than the unsurpassed success of quality product, Isuzu’s achievements in the Australian market is also attributed to their commitment to the overall truck ownership experience—including the calibre of staff representing Isuzu Dealerships and the brand to customers across the country. 

Shining a headlight on excellence within its exceptional Dealer Network, Isuzu's Team Elite program has been running for over 25 years. 

Considered the original truck sales excellence program with an incentive, points-based competition format, Isuzu’s Team Elite covers all aspects of customer care excellence: from sales and service through to product and parts knowledge.  

The benefits of the Team Elite program are manifold, matching Isuzu’s industry-leading transport products with the country’s most highly skilled truck specialists. 

Shane Hilder competing in Isuzu Australia's National Champion Sales Consultant Competition
Shane Hilder competing in Isuzu Australia's National Champion Sales Consultant Competition

Doubling down 

With technology and customer needs ever evolving, the value of programs such as Team Elite is more important to Isuzu’s operation than ever, acknowledged IAL Head of Aftersales, Brett Stewart. 

“Isuzu has always relied on an experienced network of truck sales consultants and service technicians to support buyers and their businesses locally, contributing massively to Isuzu’s success over the years,” said Mr Stewart. 

“The Team Elite program not only recognises the skill and effort behind this but works to cultivate a culture of excellence within our national network. 

“It gives me great pleasure to bring Isuzu’s high performers into the headlines—I think it’s safe to say that the customer service and knowledge retention in Isuzu’s Dealer Network remains second to none.” 

Top of the crop 

Capping off the 2023 Team Elite program was the National Champion Sales Consultant Competition, a highly competitive trial which assesses competitors across three fields of knowledge: product, brand, and truck model–specifics.  

The three finalists for the year were Josh Tuddenham of Westar Trucks (VIC), Shane Hilder of Webster Trucks (TAS), and Richard Pineros of Blacklocks Isuzu (VIC). 

“Demonstrating excellence across all aspects of the competition and accumulating the highest points overall, Shane Hilder has once again been awarded the title of National Champion Sales Consultant,” announced IAL Head of Sales, Craig White. 

Shane Hilder (left) was awarded 2023 National Champion Sales Consultant by IAL Managing Director and CEO Takeo Shindo (right)
Shane Hilder (left) was awarded 2023 National Champion Sales Consultant by IAL Managing Director and CEO Takeo Shindo (right)

“Shane continues to do Isuzu proud with his dedication to expanding his prodigious wealth of knowledge and keeping his sales skills sharp.  

“Well done to all our finalists and especially to Shane, who secured his ninth win in Team Elite competition history.”  

Mr Hilder shared his own thoughts on what it takes to reach the status of a Team Elite Champion. 

“Competing against Josh and Richard was a lot of fun, they are two great guys honing their craft and we need people like this to take the business into the future,” said Mr Hilder. 

“I'd like to acknowledge the effort Isuzu Australia puts into making the Team Elite event a special occasion, the consistent emphasis they put on keeping it fresh and challenging, aligns with how seriously they take the rest their business.  

“It certainly keeps you on your toes and is a great opportunity to take a holistic approach to the sales process.” 

From left to right: Shane Hilder and IAL Head of Sales Craig White
From left to right: Shane Hilder and IAL Head of Sales Craig White

Part and parcel 

The 2023 Team Elite categories for Service and Parts also saw strong finishes in their respective areas.  

In the Service Manager category Scott Sell from Westar Truck Centre (VIC), Jonnie Arnel from Ballarat Isuzu (VIC) and John Tsacos from Wagga Motors (NSW) were recognised for exceptional performance in attaining service goals and initiatives. 

In the Parts Manager category the top scores were attained by Ashley Ryan from Patterson Cheney Trucks (VIC), Stephen Twardochleb from Canberra Isuzu (NSW), and Ryan Macauley from Midcoast Trucks (NSW) demonstrating outstanding knowledge and practice in the field of Parts management. 

Mr Stewart noted these categories were not to be overlooked, as Isuzu’s commitment to speedy availability of genuine quality parts to the national Dealer Network remained a high priority.  

“Strong aftersales support is all part of our commitment to serving Australian businesses and a vital part of ensuring Isuzu trucks remain on the road for these valued customers. 

“My wholehearted congratulations to our Service and Parts winners whose dedication to the task makes the Isuzu Dealer Network and the brand shine.” 

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