Forty Not Out: Service Legend Celebrates Career Milestone With Patterson Cheney Isuzu

Loyalty is a coveted trait in Australia’s automotive and trucking industry, keeping skills and knowledge local while guaranteeing customers see the same faces at the door each time they come around. 

But what inspires four decades of loyalty at the same workplace? 

Patterson Cheney and Isuzu Australia are proudly congratulating Service Manager Wayne Murphy on a milestone of 40 years under the Patterson Cheney Isuzu banner. 

The busy dealership in Greater Melbourne is home not only to Australia’s favourite truck brand but a fiercely loyal staff team—with many such as Wayne celebrating decades at the dealership and more. 

From apprentice to manager 

For Wayne, he knew that he was destined for engines from a very young age. 

The first job he set sights on was a motor mechanic apprenticeship across the road from his family home—that being the Patterson Cheney Trucks workshop. 

“I'm old school, I like the smell of fuel, the noise and the power,” said Wayne. 

“I wanted to work on trucks because I could see there were a lot of interesting things going on at the time… they were a bit harder to deal with than cars, so the other apprentices weren’t that keen on working on them.” 

Little did the young Wayne know that he would be making the sizable trek into the Port of Melbourne from Dandenong to attend the GM training facility on ‘Bedford by Isuzu’ product (as they were known at the time). 

Persistence paid off and Wayne quickly developed the skills to move up the ranks to Foreman, Assistant Service Manager and then onto his current role of Service Manager. 

1999: a young Wayne Murphy in the role of Senior Service Advisor with Peter Sherry in the role of Service Manager
1999: a young Wayne Murphy in the role of Senior Service Advisor with Peter Sherry in the role of Service Manager

Steady OEM support 

In the 1980s there were eight service technicians at the dealership compared to today’s team of 30 technicians and diesel mechanics that work under Wayne’s watch. ​ 

His 40-year run with the Isuzu product has also encompassed the entire 35 years the brand has led the Australian truck market. ​ 

This a feat that Isuzu widely accredits to the hard work of its broad dealer network, including those who put their heads down and tools to use in service such as Wayne and his team. ​ 

On the long-term relationship with Isuzu Trucks he said, “I have a great relationship with Isuzu Trucks so that's made my job very easy, their support is fantastic. ​ 

“I am still enthusiastic about my role after all these years because I have great customers and a great OEM.” 

Patterson Cheney Service Manager Wayne Murphy has just celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company
Patterson Cheney Service Manager Wayne Murphy has just celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company

Mantra of improvement 

As a Service Manager, Wayne’s days under the cab and chassis may be over, but he stands ready to assist the team with expert knowledge and guidance. ​ 

Accessing the right information in a timely manner is critical to Wayne’s ability to do the job, which he says improves year on year across the Isuzu Dealer Network. 

“What we’re dealing with today is so technical with electrical components, computers, emissions to consider and diagnostic tools,” he said. ​ 

“When you've got a good product that speaks for itself, plus equipment and access to information that improves year on year, and you’ve got good support, then you can make smart decisions based around the package.” 

There are still plenty of heritage models rolling into the workshop to tickle Wayne ‘s appreciation of Isuzu truck history. 

“If one of our mechanics get something a little bit older, they know they are welcome in my office to ask for advice about the ins and out of the truck.” 

Faster, smarter, brighter 

Training the next generation of mechanics and technicians is something Wayne views as a responsibility to ‘give back’ to the automotive industry and the Patterson Cheney dealership which has supported him throughout the years. 

“The industry has become a much friendlier place for all service technicians, regardless of their gender, culture, or race, which you can see right here on the floor at Patterson Cheney,” he said. 

“We're coming into a new generation of young technicians—I think our job here as service managers and role models is to give something back.” ​ 

While celebrating this 40-year work anniversary with Patterson Cheney, Wayne is far from saying sayonara to the busy Melbourne dealership, or his career with Isuzu trucks. 

“People ask me what's next, do I want to go any higher, but I still believe there's work to be done right here in my role as service manager,” he said sagely. 

“I am curious to see all the changes coming to the industry with alternate fuel sources and the introduction of Isuzu’s EV trucks.” 

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