Enhanced Protection with Isuzu's Next Gen Plus Engine Oil

As Australia’s leading truck manufacturer, Isuzu Trucks is heavily invested in the health of every vehicle that’s sold out of its national dealer network. ​ 

Of particular importance is the protection of the engine: the beating heart of the truck. ​ 

Isuzu Trucks offers customers high-quality lubricants, rolling out a new advanced formula of its Next Gen Plus 10W-40 diesel engine oil developed in collaboration with global engine performance experts, Fuchs Lubricants. ​ 

The new Isuzu Next Gen Plus 10W-40 engine oil adheres to the latest E8/E11 ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) specification and approval process. 

Using a carefully chosen base stock formulation and premium additives that meet the demands of Euro 5 & 6 engine requirements, it has been engineered to reduce oxidation and assist with piston cleanliness, decreasing soot and carbon build-up, ​ 

The new Isuzu Next Gen Plus 10W-40 engine oil is recommended for use in Isuzu Trucks and has wider appeal across a range of other commercial vehicles including those with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) systems and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPD) exhaust after-treatment systems, making it a staple for any automotive workshop. ​ 

Industry leading partnerships 

With Isuzu Trucks celebrating its position as market leader for the 34th consecutive year, keeping trucks in peak condition and customers supported with top-quality consumables is important for the brand. ​ ​ 

Isuzu maintains close industry partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Fuchs Lubricants to achieve this. 

“IAL has worked closely with Fuchs Lubricants over many years to develop a range of lubricants that offer superior results above and beyond those of any other aftermarket option,” commented Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Parts Sales Manager, Joel Gledhill. 

“Isuzu lubricants are designed to assist in the reduction of exhaust emissions, helping to provide a cleaner environment along with fine tuning the day-to-day running of our customers’ trucks. 

“Not only is the new Isuzu Next Gen Plus engine oil an important advancement to our product offering but evidence of the continued success of the collaboration with our long-term industry partner, Fuchs Lubricants.” 

James Challis, Fuchs National Key Account Manager – OEM Genuine Brands, commented, “Our partnership creates value for all parties, with the customer always the priority. 

“Fuchs Lubricants is the world’s largest independent lubricants manufacturer with a focus on providing the best ‘fit for purpose’ lubricants for OEM customers like Isuzu. ​ 

"We are a global company with local knowledge, which is something Isuzu values highly,” Mr Challis continued. 

“Likewise, we value our ongoing partnership with Australia’s biggest truck brand, as our combined focus remains on delivering great products for those working out on the road with the new Isuzu Next Gen Plus oil an excellent example of this.” 

Maximum protection 

The new Next Gen Plus 10W-40 E8/E11 engine oil exercises low volatility whilst in operation, reducing viscosity breakdown and oil consumption even under high temperatures—translating to fuel savings. ​ ​ ​ 

It has been tailored for tough Australian conditions, with Isuzu conducting successful local trials with exceptional results. 

“Our Next Gen Plus engine oil has been trialled locally with excellent results recorded in the most severe and punishing of applications, such as refuse recovery and agitation,” said Mr Gledhill. 

“Our new product provides the same great functionality as previous formulas while increasing engine performance and enhancing overall engine health.” 

Next generation range 

Fuchs and Isuzu have also collaborated on a lubricants such as transmission and gear oils, hydraulic oils, coolant, grease and a number of other cleaners and workshop consumables. ​ 

This includes Isuzu’s Diesel Gold 15W-40 suitable for all Euro 3 rated truck brands and Next Gen Light Commercial oil for use in light diesel applications. ​ 

Mr Gledhill said the impact of using high-quality OEM lubricants shouldn’t be overlooked by any truck owner. 

“Whether you are a savvy fleet manager or a solo trade operator, I would encourage all truck owners to view using genuine OEM products as a long-term investment in equipment,” he said. ​ 

“Using a high-quality engine oil such as Next Gen Plus is proven to help protect your engine from wear, heat, corrosion, and contamination, while improving performance and efficiency of the engine. ​ 

“This all leads to smoother operation and reduced maintenance costs over time, contributing to a better whole-of-life ownership experience.” 

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Marketing and Advertising Manager, Isuzu Australia Limited

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