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Ease & Elegance in Genuine Isuzu Filter & Clutch Kits

Ease & Elegance in Genuine Isuzu Filter & Clutch Kits

It’s no secret there’s a direct correlation between ensuring your trucks are in optimal condition and operational efficiencies that save you time and money.  

An important aspect of any maintenance strategy, and one that all fleet managers must consider at some point, is the value genuine OEM parts offer—on a number of fronts.  

Isuzu Trucks is now making the decision to ‘go genuine’ even easier, with an updated, comprehensive selection of genuine, model-specific Isuzu Filter and Clutch kits readily available for purchase through its nationwide dealer network. 

Each pack contains all the necessary parts needed for a regular truck service, or a clutch replacement.   

Off the shelf savings

Included in the Isuzu Filter kits are oil filters, fuel filter/s, sump plug washer, sediment filters and PCV filters (where applicable). 

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A genuine Isuzu Filter Kit includes all parts necessary for a regular service

The new Clutch kits are made up of 17 critical components, the exact same number included when a truck rolls off the Isuzu Motors assembly line in Japan, thus maintaining the integrity of the factory product. 

In assembling and pre-packing a specific parts bundle, potential waste, error and time delays that come with separately ordering multiple parts is effectively eliminated.   

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, provided further details. 

“We understand that timeliness is key in reducing stress and downtime for our customers,” Mr Plunkett noted. 

“Having key components picked and ready to deploy immediately keeps downtime to a minimum for all involved.  

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“Our new kits are a convenient, cost-effective, off-the-shelf option that will save businesses time and money. 

“This should also help workshops to better prepare for scheduled and unplanned service and maintenance.” 

Standing the test of time

Stringently tested in a range of conditions, all genuine parts and accessories fitted by an IAL-approved dealership or Authorised Service and Parts Outlet (ASPO) are backed by Isuzu’s 3-year (unlimited kilometres) warranty.  

“Like all Isuzu-backed parts, our Filter and Clutch kits are specifically designed and engineered for Isuzu product, with proven reliability across almost every application imaginable,” said Mr Plunkett. 

“When fitted by an authorised Isuzu dealership or service outlet, they also come with our 3-year warranty—giving customers extra peace of mind, while maintaining the truck in line with original specifications and standards.” 

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