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Down & Dirty: Isuzu AWD Tipper a Winning Solution

Down & Dirty: Isuzu AWD Tipper a Winning Solution

No matter the task or trade, Isuzu Trucks has a fit-for-purpose transport solution for just about every application imaginable and Isuzu’s irrepressible Tipper range, within Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL)’s popular Ready-to-Work (RTW) line-up, is no exception.

With no less than 18 models in Isuzu’s bestselling tipper range, each vehicle is built tough with both versatility and rugged functionality in mind. And the peace of mind of having a Japanese quality-built tipper body with full factory ISUZU warranty. ​

With options aplenty, the tipper line-up has a broad GVM span, from car-license 4,500 kg units, through to the larger 14,000 kg GVM FSR 140-260 Tipper.

Choices aside, one model in particular stands out as a durable, go-anywhere tipper solution for all Australian conditions and terrain, that being the popular NLS 45-150 All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Tipper.

NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper

With a 4,500 kg, car licence GVM, the NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper has on-demand part-time all-wheel-drive, activated by a dash-mounted switch designed to give operators additional traction and operational efficiency in steep or slippery off-road conditions.

Be it a standard building site, boggy paddocks, slipshod supplies yards or slick country back roads, the NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper allows for predictable and confident maneuvering while under load in a materials yard or out on a highway run.

Ready for anything

It features the rugged, Japanese-built Shinmaywa 2.1m3 steel-tipped body, underpinned by a sturdy 3.2mm deck plate with auto-release two-way tailgate and body lockdown hook.

Packed with standard features, including non-slip side steps, shovel rack, rope rails on both sides and a 20-second raise/lower time, this package makes light work of bulk material loads.

The NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper benefits too from the popular and proven Isuzu 4JJ1-TCS, 4-cylinder engine, rated at 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and super flat torque curve providing maximum 375 Nm from 1,600 through to 2,800 rpm.

Winning combination

Mated with Isuzu’s bullet proof 5-speed manual transmission, with on-demand part-time AWD and independent front suspension—the NLS driveline is guaranteed to help operators realise genuine efficiencies and boost overall productivity, regardless of the application at hand.

Sweetening the deal, the NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper also comes with a suite of safety technology—including Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Hill-Start Assist (HSA) plus driver and passenger side SRS Airbag—all of which offers peace of mind every time the engine turns over.

Add to this a three-year, comprehensive Isuzu Factory Warranty (truck and body) and Roadside Assist package, the NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper is nothing short of a sound business investment for savvy operators looking for an unbreakable solution.

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