Dependable Reputation Being Built by Isuzu Power Solutions

As Australia’s leading truck brand for over 34 years, Isuzu Trucks recognises the importance of delivering product that meets the demands of the job and is supported by a first-class sales and aftercare service.

The brand’s reputation for getting it right extends to the growing Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) business, which now offers a nation-wide footprint of dealerships delivering a wide range of free-standing power units, Generator Sets, industrial engines and marine units.

No less than 30 Isuzu Trucks dealerships across Australia are stocked with Isuzu Power Solutions product and are ready to provide the same outstanding sales and aftersales experience enjoyed by Isuzu Trucks customers.

Troy Lawson - IPS Senior Sales Manager
Troy Lawson - IPS Senior Sales Manager

Customer Focus

IPS Senior Sales Manager, Troy Lawson, says that when businesses choose the quality of an IPS product, they’re also receiving the benefit of Isuzu’s experienced dealer network to back it up.

“Isuzu has recently relaunched its Care program to meet the ever-changing needs of customers—a focus which has been keenly honed across all areas of the Isuzu business, including IPS,” said Mr Lawson.

“Isuzu’s trusted reputation has encouraged many businesses to streamline their transport and power needs.

“We offer the convenience of working with the same Isuzu dealer across different parts of a business, regardless of whether it’s the truck fleet or your power generation needs.

“But the biggest feedback we get is simply around the outstanding customer service that our network can provide, from the correct specification of product through to more bespoke power solutions.”

IPS products are used in a wide range of industries
IPS products are used in a wide range of industries

Due to the breadth of end use and what can often be a hash working environment within an extreme temperature range, Australian operators require power solutions smartly specified for application that won’t fail on the job.

This includes power units used in heavy applications such as construction, agriculture, mining and emergency services. Mr Lawson said Isuzu Power Solutions’ range of products was carefully tailored to meet almost any demand experienced across the country.

“Like vehicles on the road, downtime on power systems costs our customers time and money,” he said.

“Our dealerships are there to provide end-to-end support, with their expertise and a technical service that is unrivalled amongst our competitors.

“When the only option is to keep going, we know how important it is to have a power solution that never stops.”

DIAS along with local engineers assist in identifying the correct engine for each application
DIAS along with local engineers assist in identifying the correct engine for each application

Specified for the Task

In terms of quality and assurance, the same highly skilled technicians that maintain Isuzu trucks are working on powered products at the dealership and on-site. Backed by industry-leading warranties and service agreements, all parts used are rigorously tested and of the highest standard to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

To this end, each Isuzu dealer has access to Isuzu’s comprehensive Diesel Inquiry Assessment System (DIAS). Mr Lawson said DIAS had been specifically designed in Australia to assist Isuzu Dealers in identifying the correct engine for each application.

“For fixed or variable speed engines, depending on the desired application, DIAS will virtually build the correct power unit from the ground up,” he said.

“DIAS allows customisation of the power unit before purchase by incorporating Isuzu’s full range of locally engineered accessories, so there’s no guess work required.

“This allows us to find the right solution within the IPS range for almost any application and use-case imaginable.”

The range of Generator Sets offer dependable power no matter the location
The range of Generator Sets offer dependable power no matter the location

Generator Best

Isuzu’s range of Generator Sets continue to gain a well-earned reputation on a number of fronts including a low-cost and quiet operation, quality construction and smart presentation on site.

Available in 20 kVA, 37 kVA and 50 kVA variants, Isuzu Generator Sets are ideally suited as portable standby power for construction sites, in mining and hire-use applications and as remote power units for farming and agriculture out on the land.

IPS Generator Sets have also become a dependable choice for Australian fire and rescue operations, supporting critical services no matter what the challenge they face.

“Our Generator Sets are stocked and available at over 30 Isuzu Trucks dealer locations across the country, including many of our flagship Isuzu dealerships.”

“We’re proud to offer the same consistency of service that has been enjoyed by thousands of customers and utilise the expertise of our engineers who are working side-by-side with the dealers under the Isuzu banner.

“Our goal is to ensure customers get exactly what they need, with the added bonus of saving time and money with a one-stop shop for all their transport and power solutions.” Mr Lawson concluded.

For a full range of Isuzu Dealers offering Isuzu Power Solutions products visit

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