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A Family Business: Tracserv Appoints New Dealer Principal

A Family Business: Tracserv Appoints New Dealer Principal

There’s been a changing of the guard in the Great Western Plains region of New South Wales, with Tracserv in Dubbo appointing a new dealer principal. ​

The dealership’s founder Richard Kirby passed the torch on to his daughter Leandra Gale on 19th September 2022, the 33rd anniversary of starting the business with his late wife Sharon Kirby and a mate from the back of a ute.

Ms Gale has been involved with the business since she was two years old, but became an official employee about 10 years ago.

“I went out into the big wide world and but wanted to return to Dubbo, so I began in the service department in 2012, then moved up into stock controller, business accounting, then business manager and now dealer principal,” she said.

Ms Gale credits the “big extended family” of Tracserv for her career success.

Some of the Tracserv team: Mark Boyter, Charlie Smith, Wayne White, Leandra Gale, Josh Lees, Martin Lawson and Jayden Falcke
Some of the Tracserv team: Mark Boyter, Charlie Smith, Wayne White, Leandra Gale, Josh Lees, Martin Lawson and Jayden Falcke

Growing Up Around Trucks

“The business has been part of my life since I was two!” she said.

“I've grown up around the people who I've watched expand and lead our business and now I get to work with them, so it's like a full 360. Our Current management team has been with Tracserv for over 15 years.“My brother Daniel, who is also an integral part of the business, and I would often spend our weekends here in the workshop because dad was a mechanic,” she recalled.

Leandra Gale, Daniel Kirby and Richard Kirby
Leandra Gale, Daniel Kirby and Richard Kirby

Ms Gale said she hoped her appointment as the first female dealer principal in the IAL network inspired other women to consider a career in the automotive industry.

“It's an awesome opportunity for women in the industry.

“We're not just going to be the receptionist, we can be the dealer principal, we can do anything.

“We have women in every department at Tracserv now, spare parts, in service, we don't have any in the workshop just at the moment. We love a bit of girl power around here.”

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Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Chief of Sales and Aftersales Ben Lasry congratulated Ms Gale on her appointment.

“I can say with great confidence that truck customers in and around Dubbo remain in the safest of hands with the Tracserv family,” Mr Lasry said.

Friendly Country Town

Ms Gale said one of the best things about her role as dealer principal was that it was based in the friendly and relaxed country town of Dubbo.

“Dubbo is big but not huge, so we know who we're selling trucks to and what they do in their business and if we ever need something done here, like landscaping, we can just look up our customer base and think, oh I know that guy he'll come and help us out,” she said.

“We’re just really lucky to be living here.”

Ms Gale encouraged others who aspired to become dealer principals to work their way through every part of the business.

“Don't get ahead of yourself, trust the process,” she said.

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One of the biggest challenges of her career was getting her work-life balance right after becoming a mother.

“Trying to fit everything into my day and then still being present as a parent as well, that was a challenge,” she said.

“As my two boys grow, they get to learn more of what I do in my career – it’s always exciting for them to see a new fire, rescue or garbage truck in the dealership.”

Leandra’s business leadership has been recognised by the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce, who named her a finalist in the Outstanding Young Business Leader category of their 2022 Rhino Awards.




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