40 Years Strong

Terry Jewson on a Long Career with Isuzu Trucks

There isn’t a lot Terry Jewson doesn’t know about Isuzu Trucks; and after a 40-year career working at Patterson Cheney Isuzu, you can understand why. ​ 

Mr Jewson’s storied career started many years ago when as a young butcher, he was told that he would be a good used car salesperson. ​ 

It just so happened that he was better than good, and he began to climb the ranks quickly, moving in to trucks and eventually to the position of Dealer Principal at Patterson Cheney Isuzu, one of the busiest (and highly regarded) Isuzu Trucks dealerships in Southeast Melbourne. 

All the way to the top 

Mr Jewson has turned his hand to just about every job you could imagine in a dealership, outside of the service teams. He started out as a Trainee Salesperson in 1982 before moving into used Truck Sales. ​ 

From there he was promoted to Used Truck Sales Manager, to Truck Sales Manager, before reaching the final rung as Dealer Principal of Patterson Cheney. 

“For me, sales were always a great fit. I know it takes a certain kind of personality, but I love the thrill of the kill,” Mr Jewson recounted. ​ 

Forty years on, and he still remains very involved with his beloved sales department at the Patterson Cheney Isuzu dealership in Dandenong, Victoria. ​ 

“No one works for me,” he quipped. “They work with me. 

“I always say you only need two things to work with me: a can-do attitude, and the care factor. ​ 

“The care factor can be a tough one because you have to live it, it has to be part of everything you do. Truck customers are savvy, so it takes business acumen and tremendous knowledge to work well with them… you have to be good, and thankfully my team is very, very good!” ​ 

Good times remembered 

With decades of sales and an evident appetite to support both dealership and the industry behind him, Mr Jewson has rightfully earned his respected spot in the local automotive scene, and a special place in the hearts of those who have worked alongside. 

Mr Jewson can’t help but smile and think of the good times over his long career, saying he’s lucky that there’s been no shortage of good times, and that he’s glad to have spent time doing something he was passionate about, surrounded by wonderful people—and some real characters. ​ 

“Some people work to live, some live to work. But I love what I do... just love it,” said Mr Jewson ​ 

“Every day is a memory for me, I’m grateful for it and I still smile coming in to work.” ​ 

Mr. Jewson and his family
Mr. Jewson and his family

Leading from the front 

Mr Jewson’s 40-year run with Isuzu’s product backing the dealership has also encompassed the entire 33 years the brand has achieved leading the Australian truck market in sales and service. 

This a feat that Isuzu Australia Limited widely accredits to the hard work of Isuzu’s broad dealer network, including names such as Mr Jewson. 

David Cheney, previous Dealer Principal and namesake of Patterson Cheney, had only kind words to say during a recent event honouring Terry and his historic career. 

“History will record that Terry’s appointment led to 24 years of enormous expansion of Patterson Cheney’s truck business, which included taking the reins of Westar Isuzu and Western Star with locations in Dandenong, Derrimut and Campbellfield and a brief flirtation with Tasmania. 

“His is a truly remarkable record and one in which he can take great pride,” said Mr Cheney. 

Making a mark 

Mr Jewson noted many exciting moments over the decades, but his thoughts turned immediately to the opening of Patterson Cheney’s Derrimut branch in 2010 when asked to describe an event that revved the imagination. ​ 

The expansion into Melbourne’s Northwest was a project that Mr Jewson was heavily involved in at every level. ​ 

“It was thrilling watching it come together,” he described. ​ 

“Of course we had help from all quarters, but my wife Julie was my biggest support—and not only in this instance but throughout my whole career… she’s been incredible.” ​ 

Though Mr Jewson is just now beginning to think about winding down, he acknowledges there are still a few irons in the fire. ​ 

With a new Patterson Cheney branch projected to open in Pakenham in late 2023, it seems he is indeed far from finished with Melbourne’s automotive industry. 

“You need to surround yourself with the right people, always, and I feel like I’ve done that,” Mr Jewson commented. 

“If I end up retiring in the next few years, I know that I’m leaving everything in the capable hands of people who care about the customers and the work as much as I do.” ​ 

From Isuzu Trucks’s perspective, they have been lucky to find a rare gem in Mr Jewson, and hope he continues to enjoy a remarkable career in years to come. 

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