3D Stereo Camera Looks Sharp In New 'Isuzu Intelligent' Safety Suite

With a recently released and sharply updated N Series range, Australian truck buyers can now enjoy the famous reliability of Isuzu’s light-duty product in hand with the next generation of trucking safety.

Dubbed as the safest Isuzu truck to ever hit Australian roads, the MY21 N Series introduces a swathe of upgrades and a new ‘Isuzu Intelligent’ safety system to light-duty operations—powered by the innovative stereo camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Eyes on the road

The eyes behind Isuzu’s new ADAS is the Hitachi Stereo 3D Camera, linked to the following key features to keep drivers and other road users safe…

  • Advanced Emergency Braking system (AEB) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) 
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) 
  • Traffic Movement Warning (TMW) 
  • Distance Warning System (DWS) 
  • Auto Lighting System (ALS) 

Isuzu has already paired this Stereo 3D Camera successfully in all-new MY21 D-Max Isuzu Utes and recently released MU-X SUVs and has developed it extensively for use in MY21 N Series 4x2 truck models.

The dual-lens optics of the Stereo 3D Camera has recorded excellent performance in both day and night time driving conditions, with consistently high object detection and recognition rates when compared with other camera systems such as millimetre wave radar and cameras used by other vehicle brands.

No dictionary verification of objects is required for the Hitachi camera, meaning all three-dimensional objects are recognised, including those commonly misdetected when using an alternative millimetre wave radar and single camera system (such as stationary road structures).

Using a parallax of images from left and right lenses similar to a pair of human eyes, object detection is possible even with partial imaging.

Downtown detective

In an MY21 Isuzu N Series truck, the Hitachi Stereo 3D camera is cleverly positioned within the cabin in a high central dashboard position, allowing for a superior field of vision that does not obstruct the driver’s own view.

According to Simon Humphries, Isuzu Australia Limited Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Isuzu’s combination of camera type, positioning and integration across the ADAS suite has proven to be the most effective technology to help drivers avoid potentially dangerous situations, particularly in urban environments.

“Isuzu’s research in both Japan and Australia shows that the highest frequency of collisions occur with light-duty trucks operating in high-traffic, low-speed environments such as city or suburban centres,” explained Mr Humphries.

“This is due to many low-height objects on or near the road—everything from bollards and small children, to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles.

“Linked to our new ADAS which includes critical features like AEB with Forward Collision Warning and Traffic Movement Warning, and positioned as it is in the truck’s cabin, the Hitachi Stereo Camera is able to detect and recognise almost any object, making it ideal for urban use.

“It has also proven extremely effective in assisting drivers to stay alert, aware and safe in other driving environments, including highway driving, with the camera powering our unique Distance Warning System and Lane Departure Warning system.”

Expect the best

Pairing the class-leading N Series with the best hardware and componentry the industry has to offer in the Hitachi Stereo 3D Camera, Isuzu makes a compelling package for any business seeking better safety outcomes.

“We know that road safety is a critical issue for modern Australian operators,” said Mr Humphries.

“Recent advancements in technology mean we are now able to deliver even safer, smarter trucks that can get the job done, while complying with all regulations and a business’ Chain of Responsibility obligations.

“As the light-duty truck market leader for over three decades, Isuzu’s customers can rely on us to deliver only the best,” he continued.

“Whether it’s your most experienced or the newest driver getting in the cab, our goal is to give operators the confidence that their staff and their investment (the truck) will get home safely at the end of the day.”


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Sam Gangemi

Marketing and Advertising Manager, Isuzu Australia Limited

Arkajon Communications

Public Relations Agency


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