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Successfully operating capital equipment in a business requires an understanding of the contingent management and maintenance of the equipment; business overheads that are a necessity to obtain the best return from the capital investment.

And if overheads, profitability and whole of life costs of equipment are key concerns for Australian businesses, then ensuring that any capitalised equipment is backed by the most comprehensive support is a must. ​

“In road transport, there’s the oft used phrase, ‘if the wheels aren’t turning, the truck ain’t earning,” said Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) Head of Aftersales, Mr Brett Stewart.

“It’s a throw-away line, however it captures the essence of what our total package of aftersales support provides for our significant customer base across the country,” he continued.

According to Mr Stewart, an effective aftersales support system offers a range of benefits over the lifecycle of a vehicle and provides certainty for customers. ​

“That’s why we place such an emphasis on explaining to our customers during the sales process, both the comprehensive range of support services included with every Isuzu truck, and the suite of additional offerings available, such as our service agreements packages.


“A quality truck will get on with the job for many years without issue, provided appropriate servicing and maintenance is carried out,” Mr Stewart added.

“However, things can go south when least expected, so minimising the risk to your business against this possibility of unexpected downtime with the right aftersales support products and offerings is sure to pay-off.”

The majority of the Isuzu line-up now comes standard with a huge six-year warranty, much higher distance limits than before, as well as six years of Isuzu’s roadside assist offering.

Trucks operating in harsh applications such as such as concrete agitators, garbage compactors and 4x4 models are backed by a standard three-year factory warranty, and importantly with no engine hour limits.

“We’re able to offer this market-leading warranty support based on our supreme confidence in the quality and reliability of our product and borne-out of our experience from being the top-selling truck brand in Australia for the past 34 years,” Mr Stewart said.

“There’s hands-down more Isuzus than any other truck make plying the highways and byways across Australia and we have the lived experience of our product performing in the field - to be able to confidently offer this level of support.”


It’s not just the trucks that benefit from this backup, it’s the genuine Isuzu parts and accessories as well, with three-year unlimited kilometre coverage also provided for these important products.

“Isuzu dealer technicians undertake continuous training to ensure they have complete understanding of the maintenance, operation and diagnostics of the Isuzu model range. That’s how we’re able to offer this three-year warranty for genuine parts and accessories when fitted at an Isuzu dealer – they know our trucks best,” Mr Stewart said.

IAL continues to enjoy the rare position of being able to provide dealerships with genuine Isuzu parts and high-quality componentry from affiliated automotive manufacturers like Allison and Meritor in record time. This due in no small part to the sprawling National Parts Distribution Centre and warehouse situated just northwest of Melbourne city. ​

IAL’s National Parts Distribution Centre holds in the vicinity of 35,000 lines of stock, distributing this across 100 + locations in the Oceanic region. ​ ​

“In the recent climate where delays on supply were all too common, we were uniquely placed to keep dealers stocked and ready to serve the Australian truck parc,” said Mr Stewart. ​

“One of the key lessons of the pandemic has been a strengthening of our onshore capabilities in this regard.”


When it comes to dealer support and servicing availability, Mr Stewart points to Isuzu’s large dealer network footprint, covering every state and territory in the country. ​

From coast-to-coast, Isuzu Dealerships and Authorised Service and Parts Outlets (ASPOs) are the ‘go-to’ destination for experienced sales support and talented technicians, as well as direct access to a wealth of local product knowledge.

“We’ve created what we believe to be the most finely tuned and customer-focused sales and support teams in the trucking sector,” noted Mr Stewart.

“Our dealer network will be there to support any challenges that may arise from running a business and will do everything in their power to help save time, money and keep valuable capital equipment on the road.”


Key to equipment uptime is adhering to the regular maintenance and servicing schedule and unsurprising, Isuzu has this covered as well, with a range of Service Agreements tailored to both operator preference and vehicle age.

With the added benefit of known servicing costs managed via a predictable monthly payment, or even fully paid upfront, and with scheduling support through an operator’s preferred dealer, Isuzu Service Agreements provide truck owners with the ability to manage this aspect of their business operations both from a financial perspective and equipment uptime. ​ ​


Isuzu have geared a sales and aftersales program designed to provide a high level of support and peace of mind that works for our customers and their businesses.

Captured under the umbrella program, Isuzu Care, this all-encompassing approach ensures consistent customer service and support from first enquiry to truck delivery and operation and all the way through to subsequent truck purchases.

Initially launched in 2006, Isuzu Care set a new benchmark in service and support for Australian truck customers. At the time it was a breakthrough that recognised that buying a truck was only a small part of the ownership experience. ​

In 2023, Isuzu Care is still a key focus for the brand so all customers—from one-truck owner-operators all the way to the largest fleet manager—can count on timely, quality, consistent service, honed to their needs.

“With all aspects of ownership considered and covered by the best the industry has to offer, it’s easy to see why thousands of Australian businesses put their trust in Isuzu Trucks,” Mr Stewart said. ​

“This can take the form of utilizing our expansive dealer network for getting scheduled maintenance, advice on service agreements for the business or simply tips to get the most out of the investment.

“Our dealers and our staff will work to form that relationship, that trust and familiarity with a business’ operations that will continue to support it as it grows and succeeds,” he concluded.

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